Viva Connections: What your intranet wants to be

Microsoft previous this month introduced Microsoft Viva, a brand new built-in Worker Enjoy Platform (EXP) that brings in combination communications, wisdom, finding out, assets, and insights inand delivers them by means of Microsoft Groups. There are 4 modules: Viva Subjects, Viva Insights, Viva Studying, and Viva Connections. Whilst each and every group would possibly not use all 4 modules, or each and every facet of each and every module, Microsoft Viva contains one thing for each and every group.

I am fascinated about all of the facets of Microsoft Viva. I like how the modules are built-in, safe, people-centric, and designed to be delivered in Microsoft Groups. Probably the most perfect portions is that the branding and classification of Viva as an EXP facilitates a dialog between IT, HR, and Communications. It is helping each and every of those departments suppose extra holistically concerning the worth they are able to carry in combination — and strikes the intranet dialog to concentrate on worker enjoy extra comprehensively.

Many organizations have accomplished so for years, however I’ve observed method too many the place this dialog doesn’t occur — basically as a result of other departments nonetheless paintings in silos and aren’t centered at the holistic worker virtual enjoy. It is a massive worth proposition for Microsoft Viva as it concretely demonstrates the price of “higher in combination” within each and every group — no longer simply with Microsoft generation. Each and every component on my own is excellent, and in combination, they are even higher.

Right here, I wish to center of attention on why your intranet, if it will have a voice, desires to leverage the functions in Viva Connections.

Getting in a position for Viva Connections

Probably the most causes many intranet initiatives fail is that organizations position an excessive amount of emphasis on communications and no longer sufficient on paintings integration. Nice intranets aren’t about construction web pages that mimic the group chart (who we’re and what we do) and turning in information. An ideal intranet is ready growing reviews and products and services that lend a hand everybody within the group do their task.

Because the products and services which might be wanted by means of various kinds of humans in a company might fluctuate, the most productive intranets ship each products and services and information centered to each and every form of provider client – according to our position, our geography, our paintings crew, or our pursuits. Is Viva Connections going to magically do this for you? Sadly, no. However you’ll make it be just right for you in case you get in a position by means of doing the next:

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