Valheim: How to Get Silver Ore

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This web page is a part of IGN’s Valheim Wiki information and main points the whole lot you wish to have to learn about discovering, mining, and smelting Silver ore in Valheim.

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The right way to In finding and Mine Silver Ore in Valheim

Discovered throughout the Mountains biome, Silver ore may also be mined from deposits which might be essentially hidden underneath the bottom.

Please observe that Silver ore can best be mined with an Iron pickaxe or higher.

Whilst it is extremely imaginable to search out Silver veins at the floor of huge mountain tops, the probabilities of this going on is reasonably uncommon so we extremely suggest obtaining the Wishbone, as it is going to permit for a a lot more dependable and constant means for locating and mining Silver ore.

In case you have but to defeat the Bonemass boss to procure the Wishbone, click on the next hyperlink to search out our step by step information for The right way to Defeat Bonemass.

As soon as you might be within the Mountain biome, equip the Wishbone and watch as the golf green particle impact starts pulse out of your persona. Because the pulsing impact turns into more potent and the pinging noise begins to sound extra impulsively, take out your pickaxe and get started mining underneath the bottom. If you’re digging in the right kind location, you must in finding Silver ore underneath the bottom. If you are nonetheless suffering, do take into account that one of the crucial smaller Mountain biomes is not going to comprise Silver veins, so indubitably imagine trying out one of the crucial higher biomes for extra good fortune!

The right way to Smelt Silver Ore into Silver Bars

After getting discovered Silver Ore, go back on your Smelter and fill it with coal and position your Silver ore within. After a couple of mins, the Smelter can have effectively made your ore into Silver Bars which can be utilized to craft any of the next pieces underneath.

Each and every Merchandise You Can Craft With Silver Bars


Listed here are all the pieces that you’ll be able to craft with Silver bars.

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