This Valheim player built a rustic Millennium Falcon fit for a Viking

If a sport has development mechanics, you’ll be able to make certain it’s going to best be a question of time earlier than somebody recreates the Millennium Falcon in it. And so, 3 weeks after unlock, a cunning Valheim participant has constructed a country game of the well-known send inside of the preferred Viking survival sandbox.

Published on Reddit the day gone by (and noticed by means of PCGamesN), the Millennium Longboat is no doubt some of the extra ordinary builds we now have observed. The usage of some cleverly laid-out torches to simulate engines and signs, the send unquestionably seems to be the phase—however the true attraction comes if you climb the boarding ramp and step inside of.

“Chewie, we’re house.” / I provide you the Millennium Longboat. (check construct) from r/valheim

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