The vanishing: peril haunts the Canaries migrant freedom route

Annually 1000’s of refugees from warfare, local weather and instability in Africa board vessels on the lookout for a brand new existence in Europe. However loads by no means arrive – or even those that make it face hostility and a lifetime of concern

At 6.30am on Friday 28 Might, 3 fishermen at paintings 4 miles off the southern coast of Tobago noticed a big white boat adrift at the break of day waters of the Caribbean.

As they drew nearer, the trio noticed the boat’s form used to be a long way from native, and spotted a robust scent coming from within it. The frame the fishermen glimpsed on the bow used to be sufficient to substantiate their suspicions. They referred to as the coastguard who, not able to dispatch a vessel, requested them to tow the boat ashore at Belle Lawn seashore.

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