Tech salaries rose in 2020 — despite COVID-19

Even though the United States tech and IT sectors noticed primary layoffs in mid-2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sectors have recovered many of the misplaced jobs. Even higher, salaries in fact rose by way of three.6% in 2020, in step with’s 2021 Tech Wage Document — and can proceed to take action in 2021.

However the wage expansion amassed to simply 52% of tech workers surveyed; 35% noticed flat wages, and the remainder (13%) noticed declines. Those that noticed declines cited a transformation of employer, layoffs, or company-wide wage discounts as the primary reasons — they all results of the pandemic.

Regional wage developments

Salaries each in California’s Silicon Valley and in Boston rose 2.four%, in keeping with the nationwide reasonable. However they exploded in different tech hubs:

  • Charlotte, N.C., noticed a 13.eight% upward push in wage to $99,691.
  • Orlando noticed a 13.four% upward push to $88,598.
  • New York Town noticed a 11.6% upward push to $114,274.
  • Austin, Texas, noticed a nine.7% upward push to $104,344.
  • Philadelphia noticed a nine.three% upward push to $96,512.

Detroit, Phoenix, Houston, Minneapolis, and metro Baltimore-Washington all noticed wage rises of greater than five%.

Portland, Oregon, noticed a four.6% drop in salaries to $98,026, whilst Seattle noticed a 2.6% decline in salaries to $106,723. Tampa noticed a 11% decline to $87,809, Columbus, OH, a zero.6% decline to $91,483, and Chicago, a zero.1% decline to $94,581.

Cube notes that the survey pattern in Columbus used to be fewer than 100 respondents, so the knowledge isn’t statistically legitimate however integrated for continuity with previous years’ experiences.

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