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Survival horror game The Callisto Protocol is still mostly a mystery, but you can bet on a Dead Space-style holo HUD

One of the most greatest unearths at Thursday evening’s Sport Awards used to be The Callisto Protocol, a brand new sci-fi survival horror sport from a staff of veterans who labored on EA’s Useless Area collection. It is nonetheless far off, scheduled for 2022, and the cinematic trailer is extra of a temper piece than the rest. We will glean that it is set in a dingy futuristic jail, and there is a very nasty monster (alien? mutant?) at the premises. I could not get a lot more concrete element out of leader construction officer Steve Papoutsis once we chatted after the expose, however I did no less than verify one suspicion: Useless Area’s cherished holographic HUD is coming again in some shape.

In one of the most first pictures within the trailer, an unnamed prisoner sits up in mattress. On his neck is a sparkling inexperienced implant—what I might bet is a few roughly restraining implant, inexperienced to characterize he is these days wholesome. It is a beautiful blatant nod to the spinal wire well being indicator at the again of Useless Area’s fits, a cleverly “in-universe” method to keep up a correspondence with out plastering a HUD over the motion. Useless Area famously did that for the whole lot, projecting its menus as holograms as an alternative of breaking immersion.

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