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Labour’s mistake in backing the Brexit bill | Letters

By supporting the Brexit invoice, Labour has given Boris Johnson’s govt a large majority and made itself glance even weaker than it did already (Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit industry deal passes into UK legislation, 31 December). When it used to be transparent that the Conservatives would succeed in a majority at the invoice, Keir Starmer must have given a speech surroundings out the professionals and cons of the invoice (the primary phase must no longer have taken too lengthy) after which given his MPs a loose vote, with the recommendation to abstain. The bulk would were a lot smaller. And Starmer can be loose to mention what he appreciated based on long run problems. So your editorial (30 December) used to be flawed to mention Starmer used to be “proper to pass judgement on that Labour may no longer have enough money to be related … with … ‘no deal’” – that used to be no longer even at the desk. What used to be at the desk used to be being related to a nasty deal.
David Turbines
Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, East Using of Yorkshire

• Relating to Labour’s resolution to whip beef up for the Brexit invoice, believe a easy concept experiment. A benighted govt – no longer exhausting to consider – makes a decision to revive public placing for petty larceny. After a lot debate and protest, a “listening” govt proposes deportation to South Georgia as an alternative. Proper, says lawyerly Sir Keir, deportation is healthier than placing, so we’ll beef up the South Georgia possibility because the lesser of 2 evils. That manner we will be able to “glance to the longer term” and recoup the law-and-order vote. Incorrect: you’ll have abdicated accountability, deserted idea, and alienated innovative citizens. And you’ll have walked into some other obtrusive Tory entice. Such a lot for “beneath new control”.
Alan Knight
St Antony’s Faculty, Oxford

• Anand Menon is certainly proper that whilst bankruptcy 1 of the Brexit saga is closed, the Europe query hasn’t been correctly posed, let on my own replied (Brexit is some distance from completed – this deal isn’t any ‘recreation, set and fit’, 30 December).

Disraeli mentioned in 1844 that the “Irish query” can be difficult to reply to. Even with the Excellent Friday settlement, it’s not transparent it has but been replied. Just like the Swiss, who’ve been negotiating their dating with the EU in arduous one-by-one partial offers since 1993, we’re coming into a Brexiternity of difficulties with our continental neighbours, with Eire, and with Scotland. This poorly negotiated and restricted settlement is just the start of a brand new and tortuous generation. Geography can’t be altered by way of a plebiscite or a vote of latter-day Canutes in parliament.
Denis MacShane
Former Europe minister

• You file that the federal government has briefly waived maximum inbound border assessments (Sector by way of sector: are British corporations in a position for post-Brexit industry?, 31 December). Having labored in HM Customs and Excise, I expect that this may occasionally transform an open invitation to smugglers of gear, firearms and so forth. Such a lot for Brexit making the United Kingdom more secure. As for outward items, exporters must entire advanced customs declarations for each and every consignment, estimated to price trade up to £7bn a 12 months. Such a lot for liberating us from forms.
Ian Arnott
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

• Whilst parliament used to be nonetheless debating the Brexit invoice on Wednesday, I needed to fill in a customs declaration shape on the put up place of business counter to ship a guide to Dublin. I reckon the queues in put up places of work, already suffering with Covid backlogs, will quickly make the lorry queues at Dover appear to be fast boarding.
Gerry Rubin
Canterbury, Kent

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