Katy Perry found me my first friends – they were online, and in Brasil

Raising a kid is at all times a burden – although now not all mums are terrorised by way of their pre-schooler’s obsession with the video for Hung Up by way of Madonna. I will be able to by no means overlook my mom’s exasperation because the track popped up time and again on MTV: the sound of a clock counting down to expose Abba arpeggios recast in a nu-disco reverie. I used to be a four-year-old boy thrashing round on the lounge ground, mimicking Madge’s arm rolls and hip thrusts. An undignified spectacle? Possibly, however one my mom invited as she allowed me to steep within the tune TV of the mid-2000s.

As I grew into a clumsy, introverted kid, that parade of fleeting photographs and sounds was tangible. All of the divas, as soon as interchangeable vessels for catchy tunes, got here to lifestyles. Kylie Minogue, Kanye West or Rihanna: every used to be their very own glitzy, magnetic logo and accompanying legion. I figured I needed to enlist in a pop military as neatly: the burgeoning, cartoony Katy Perry gave the look of a certain guess. Whilst the faux-sapphist I Kissed a Woman had failed to preach me, the dance-pop froth of California Gurls engulfed my summer season of 2010. The pirated MP3 record (thank you, Dad) fed my interest concerning the impending Teenage Dream, the primary album I’d enjoy in genuine time.

A 10-year-old Pedro João Santos holding his prized Katy Perry singles.
A 10-year-old Pedro João Santos protecting his prized Katy Perry singles. Photograph: Pedro João Santos

But if I were given my arms on it, I used to be aghast. I anticipated a melodic dinner party however discovered many of the hooks contrived; its candy fable gave the impression curdled on arrival, just like the whipped cream Perry fired from her bra. But a mainstream pop album, by way of definition a mixture of tune and capitalist hubris, can at all times gloss over its faults. Teenage Dream used to be a blueprint for pop despotism, by which radio saturation, burgeoning social media fandom and teenage adulation obviated the will for crucial concept. In not up to per week, I’d requested my nan for the cotton candy-scented CD and rinsed all of the long run hits.

Perry was my soundtrack to a brand new yr of faculty – and a brand new league of mockery from my Bruno Mars-loving friends. This peculiar, closeted child craved a nerdier funding in popular culture, one I used to be left to search out on-line. My Portuguese friends couldn’t replace a fanpage to avoid wasting their lives, so I regarded around the pond to Brazil, and the now-defunct KPBR – Katy Perry Brasil – fan discussion board. Right here used to be a hub of devotees gasping over her newest chart fight and her pastry-themed level apparel.

The fan word “come to Brazil” has turn out to be a meme, a plea plastered throughout each pop big name’s social media – however this can be a respectable call for for reputation from enthusiasts who labored full-time of their devotion and constructed a spot of communion and figuring out. Perry’s heat and sense of humour, which outstripped her hyperglycaemic content material, moulded the enthusiasts. Those youngsters had been caustic and good, preventing over a excursion setlist with the similar ease that they gave sound recommendation. At 10 years outdated, I steadily neglected such kindness, having most commonly did not bond with any real-life pals. The discussion board made me realise I used to be in a position to human connection. It was an break out from college, a spot the place I used to be simply the obese, weirdo “talented” child. Even though this belief adopted me on-line, it didn’t prevent those fellow enthusiasts from together with me in each little debate.

Katy Perry: Teenage Dream – video

Whilst Perry introduced us in combination, the discussion board transcended her. Other tempers and ethnicities collided in a stupendous mosaic of folks, one who helped me query misogyny, self-doubt and homophobia. All whilst difficult time zones and what may also be thought to be a wholesome quantity of laptop time for a kid. This ended in an ineffable honour: being appointed discussion board moderator at 10 years outdated, to function a enthusiast and a bastion of recognize.

I maintained a just right paintings ethic for a couple of months, even if the chatbox used to be now not a protected area however a spot I needed to blank up after petty discussions. Pals I had loved had been now vandals I needed to ban. Then I vanished, real-life stupidity and chocolate milk edging out my misbegotten accountability. No longer simplest that: being a flagbearer for a pop big name, rendering any grievance verboten, began to look degrading. Why would you lionise an artist’s output when it’s mediocre, as Perry’s steadily used to be? I’d bop provided that the tune merited, now not out of any sense of legal responsibility.

Nonetheless, it used to be because of Katy Perry that I felt heard for the primary time, in transatlantic our on-line world. Ten years later, I proudly stay the patchy Teenage Dream in my assortment, and from time to time blast out the criminally lost sight of Hummingbird Heartbeat. The CD’s cotton-candy smell lives on: a perpetual reminder that pop tune brings just right folks in combination.

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