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I don't know what's going on in The Eternal Cylinder but I like it

Ace Crew is liable for aggressively bizarre videogames like  Zeno Conflict, a punch-em-up the place one in every of your enemies wears a crab for a masks and makes use of parachute squirrels with bombs on their backs as guns, and Rock of Ages, the place you break a happy boulder thru ranges themed round other eras of artwork. It is a portfolio of unadulterated WTF-ery that The Everlasting Cylinder provides much more WTF to.

You start as a freshly hatched ‘trebhum’, a waddling elephant-nosed Q-bert factor. Your trunk nostril can suck up meals and water, which is becoming as a result of within the phrases of Garth from Wayne’s Global, you no doubt do suck. Your preliminary protection mechanism is the power to spray water again out your nostril—a protection solely needless towards the risk dealing with you and all of your alien global.

(Symbol credit score: Ace Crew)

That risk is a cylinder of unattainable measurement and resolution. This malevolent rolling pin stretches from horizon to horizon and periodically spins up, sparkling like lava because it crushes all ahead of it. When this occurs all you’ll be able to do is administered away, rolling up right into a ball for an additional burst of velocity as you race to turn on some of the towers dotting the panorama ahead of the cylinder crushes it. Those towers can halt the cylinder’s unending churning. For a time.

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