Dune Exclusive: Director Denis Villeneuve Breaks Down the Pain Box Scene

IGN’s Trail to Dune continues this week with director/co-writer Denis Villeneuve’s unique breakdown of the Gom Jabbar take a look at scene, which you’ll watch in both the participant above or by way of the embed underneath.

The scene, which takes position early in Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi novel, sees Timothée Chalamet’s protagonist Paul Atreides assembly with Charlotte Rampling’s Reverend Mom Gaius Helen Mohaim, the chief of the Bene Gesserit spiritual order that's probably the most biggest political forces within the galaxy. The scene additionally in brief options Rebecca Ferguson as Woman Jessica, Paul’s mom and a member of the Bene Gesserit. Thru a mix of psychological conditioning and intake of the spice Melange, the Bene Gesserit have honed their minds and won superhuman talents.

Their chief, Reverend Mom Gaius Helen Mohiam, is obsessive about the use of selective breeding to supply an omnipotent Bene Gesserit superhuman referred to as the Kwisatz Haderach. Years prior to, she despatched Woman Jessica to be Duke Leto's concubine and bring that daughter, however as a substitute, Jessica bore him a son, Paul. Now, the time has come to check Paul to peer if the powers he has inherited from his mom give him the possible to be the Kwisatz Haderach.

On this scene, Paul undergoes the primary of a number of rites of passage by means of putting his hand inside of a torture field whilst the Reverend Mom holds a poisoned needle referred to as the Gom Jabbar to his neck. Simplest by means of retaining his hand in position and enduring the mental ache can he turn out himself to be a person fairly than an animal. Will have to he talk or take away his hand from the field then the Reverend Mom will kill him with the Gom Jabbar. It’s a the most important series that hints on the grand future waiting for Paul.

“It's a vital scene, the place we be told in regards to the Bene Gesserit energy, this feminine congregation that’s the maximum energy in Dune. And that's the place we find out about a secret, one thing that might be published about Paul's identification,” Villeneuve explains in his remark.

“It's a scene that I used to be very excited to shoot, with the good Charlotte Rampling and with Timothée Chalamet. And it was once probably the most first actual scenes I shot with Timothée. And as I used to be capturing the scene, the nature of Paul goes thru a metamorphosis, a bit of like an exorcism. The Reverend Mom driven the envelope a bit of an excessive amount of, and she’s going to galvanize and awaken a drive inside of Paul that he’s no longer acutely aware of. And it's actually a transformative procedure.”

Villeneuve mentioned filming this actual scene made him understand simply how smartly he had selected his lead actor: “I witnessed in entrance of the digital camera this alteration [from] Timothée, which was once actually superb and really second for me, as a result of I spotted that I had selected the easiest actor to be Paul Atreides.”

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Dune opens in the United States on October 22, October 21 in the United Kingdom and in Australia on December 2.

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