Cyberpunk 2077 Character Attributes Guide – How To Create Character Builds For V

Cyberpunk 2077 will give you a large number of choices on the subject of how you’ll be able to manner its global via gameplay. Whilst you will have to make your means via a variety of opposed territories all the way through the process the sport, there are lots of possible choices for the way you accomplish that, whether or not you are battling enemies, hacking their techniques, or sneaking by means of. The ones choices are decided by means of the stats you assign to V, your protagonist, and those choices will form your trail via Night time Town.

Particularly in case you are new to the sport, you could be at a loss as to the place to spend your issues and which perks you need to snag. Cyberpunk 2077 has no conventional RPG “categories,” or personality archetypes–you’re in a position to freely mix’n’match talents in keeping with the way you play and what you need to do. But when that will give you just a little of selection paralysis, we now have damaged down the character-building procedure to turn you the way it all works and lend a hand information your choices so you’ll be able to get essentially the most out of looking to construct your self right into a dwelling legend.

Take a look at the remainder of our Cyberpunk 2077 protection if you are at it. You will want to learn our complete Cyberpunk assessment and a few very important pointers you can wish to know. You may also need a rundown on how romances paintings, how perfect to make cash in Night time Town, and the place to seek out Iconic guns.

Your Persona Attributes

As in maximum RPGs, the place your talents lie in Cyberpunk 2077 relies on issues you assign to precise attributes. A few of the ones attributes make you a greater melee brawler; others outline the way you take care of firearms or your functions as a hacker. Your characteristic stats additionally issue into the way you handle folks at particular moments–if you realize so much about engineering, for example, you may get perception right into a dialog about equipment that a hacking-focused V would possibly now not. And naturally, in case your stats are top sufficient in positive spaces, you can open up other ways of progressing via ranges, like gaining the power to power open positive doorways or communicate your means out of unhealthy eventualities.

You steadily may not know what features your talents will provide you with in particular tale moments till you get there, so it may be helpful to financial institution a couple of characteristic issues you earn from leveling as much as unload right into a talent throughout a key dialog or at a pivotal level in a degree. However for essentially the most phase, making an investment your skill issues will likely be the way you develop your V into an impressive, succesful mercenary. Here is what you want to learn about Attributes and what they do. Each and every Characteristic additionally has more than a few classes of perks, arranged in talent timber, and a few of the ones perks are gated till you’ve got invested sufficient issues into the related Characteristic.


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This determines your general energy. Issues in Frame build up your melee harm, your general well being pool, your stamina, and your sporting capability. It additionally impacts motion pace when sporting enemies and our bodies or the use of positive weapons, together with heavy system weapons.

You’ll be able to to find perks within the Frame that align with fist-fighting, athletics, and storming the enemy’s gates, specializing in the use of large guns like shotguns and system weapons.

  • Provides Well being issues
  • Provides Stamina issues
  • Provides melee harm
  • Determines how smartly you’ll be able to intimidate folks
  • Determines whether or not you’ll be able to power open some doorways

Ability timber: Athletics, Annihilation, Side road Brawler


The Reflexes stat in most cases determines your capacity with firearms, your motion pace, and your evasion functions. How smartly you take care of swords could also be decided by means of your Reflexes.

Perks for Reflexes are most commonly about pace and effectiveness with weapons, particularly handguns. You’ll be able to additionally discover a complete talent tree of sword perks, and perks that provide you with advantages for aiming and reloading, in addition to bonuses whilst you kill enemies at differ.

  • Will increase Evasion probability
  • Will increase Essential Hit probability
  • Will increase Mantis Blades harm

Ability timber: Handguns, Blades, Attack

Technical Talent

That is truly your wisdom of machines. It most commonly dictates your skill with Tech weapons and determines your skill to craft guns and clothes (either one of which you’ll be able to promote in case you are hard-up for money), whilst expanding your armor coverage. Technical skill perks additionally make your grenades simpler and give protection to you from explosions.

  • Will increase armor
  • Determines Tech gun skill
  • Permits for crafting rarer tools
  • Permits for opening positive doorways

Ability timber: Crafting, Engineering


Your entire hacking functions are in keeping with the Intelligence stat, and your issues right here will resolve whether or not you’ll be able to even try to hack positive pc techniques. It additionally controls the functions of your Cyberdeck and the effectiveness of your quickhacks.

  • Will increase Quickhack RAM
  • Will increase Quickhack period
  • Will increase Quickhack harm
  • Determines whether or not computer systems are hackable

Ability timber: Breaching Protocol, Quickhacking


This stat is all about your stealth talents and composure beneath force. Cool determines how a lot harm you do in stealth and with crucial hits, impacts your Monowire harm, unlocks some discussion choices if you find yourself threatened, and determines how briefly you are detected by means of enemies. Cool additionally comes with a talent tree that will give you bonuses for being a cold-blooded killer.

  • Will increase Essential Injury
  • Will increase all Resistances
  • Will increase Stealth harm
  • Reduces enemy detection pace throughout Stealth
  • Lets you see via characters’ makes an attempt to intimidate you
  • Will increase Monowire harm

Ability timber: Stealth, Chilly Blood

Ability Development

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Along with Attributes and Perks, you get one different roughly personality development in Cyberpunk 2077, referred to as Ability Development. This can be a set of issues that do not come from leveling up, however are somewhat earned by means of doing particular issues within the recreation. As an example, battling enemies with handguns will earn you Ability Development issues for the handgun talent tree, unlocking a chain of passive bonuses. You’ll be able to to find the record of Ability Development issues for each and every talent tree within the bottom-left nook of each and every tree’s display screen.

Ability Development is some way you’ll be able to advance V in line with your playstyle simply by enjoying the sport. Hacking, working and leaping, crafting tools, cutting via enemies with blades, favoring heavy weapons–all of it will give you issues for the acceptable Ability Development bar. As a result of this all occurs as you play, you do not wish to play shut consideration to Ability Development, however it is value looking on the perks you’ll be able to free up for each and every one. Figuring out what bonuses you are getting for the way you play is usually a helpful factor to bear in mind, and realizing what you may earn would possibly incentivize you to play with guns or talents you could have been neglecting if you wish to exchange your technique to the sport.

Beginning Persona Builds

One of the vital perfect issues about Cyberpunk 2077 is how adaptive your personality can be–you’re now not limited to “categories” that make you excellent at one or two issues on the expense of others. As a substitute, you’ll be able to drop issues into any specialization at near to any time, customizing your V to precisely how you need to play. Whilst you can get some large bonuses for specializing, it is certainly not very important to playing the sport, and dabbling in just a little little bit of the entirety is a great way to paintings your means via Night time Town.

That mentioned, if you wish to create a personality who is excellent for a selected playstyle, we now have were given your again. Under, you can to find some common ideas for a couple of class-like personality builds, and we’re going to spotlight some particular perks alongside the way in which. Since you’ve got such a lot flexibility, then again, you’ll be able to freely mix’n’match portions of our ideas to create a V your entire personal.


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Within the tabletop RPG, Solo describes a mercenary who can take care of the rest from coverage to assassination–essentially, your one-person-army sort. They are characters who want battle and resilience over technological functions, even though stealth is usually a element of the Solo manner, since it is more uncomplicated to kill a goal when they do not know you are coming.

We are prioritizing a guns-blazing manner right here so you’ll be able to live to tell the tale smartly in battle, however your Solo would possibly want blades or hand-to-hand and blunt-weapon battle (which is nonlethal) and stealthier approaches, so alter accordingly. You may also need to make investments just a little into Technical Talent, with perks specializing in powering up your grenades and hardening you in opposition to explosions.

Key Attributes: Frame, Reflexes, Cool

Frame – Athletics

  • Regeneration (replenishes Well being in battle)
  • Invincible (will increase max well being by means of 10%)

Frame – Annihilation

  • In Your Face (reduces reload time for shotguns and system weapons)
  • Blood Rush (will increase motion pace when sporting shotguns or gentle system weapons)
  • Hail of Bullets (shotguns and system weapons deal extra harm)

Reflexes – Attack

  • Overlaying Killshot (upper crucial probability with rifles and SMGs from in the back of duvet)
  • Bullet Jock (Larger harm from SMGs and Rifles)

Cool – Stealth

  • Sniper (extra harm when sneaking)
  • Silent and Fatal (larger harm with silent guns whilst sneaking)

Cool – Chilly Blood

  • Chilly Blood (more than a few advantages for killing enemies, however you can wish to acquire different perks in keeping with what bonuses you need)
  • Will to Live to tell the tale (larger Resistance in step with stack of Chilly Blood).


No Caption ProvidedNo Caption Provided

Netrunners are the standard hackers of the Cyberpunk global, using Breaching Protocols that may assist you to weaken the safety on all of the units and folks in a space, and Quickhacks in opposition to particular folks and units to create particular results. If you wish to move the Netrunner trail, you’ll want to improve your Cyberdeck early at a ripper document, as you can want the extra RAM and Quickhack slots to be efficient. You must additionally attempt to drop by means of Netrunner retail outlets to shop for further, simpler Quickhacks each time imaginable.

In case you are depending extra on hacking than gunplay, you will want to prioritize stealth as a Netrunner. That mentioned, you’ll want to are a minimum of talented with a couple of guns, as you can indubitably wish to shoot your means out of eventualities, even though you are also hacking your means out of them. You may also need to put issues into Technical Talent, most commonly so you’ll be able to open doorways that mean you can take paths that steer clear of battle.

Key Attributes: Intelligence, Cool, Reflexes

Intelligence – Quickhacking

  • Biosynergy (will increase RAM recharge)
  • Weal Hyperlink — Reduces RAM required for hacks
  • Bloodware — Will increase Quickhack harm

Intelligence – Breach Protocol

  • Mass Vulnerability (reduces connected enemies’ Bodily Resistance)
  • Large Sleep (Deactivate connected safety cameras)

Cool – Stealth

  • Crouching Tiger (Quicker motion whilst sneaking)
  • Murderer (larger harm to human enemies)


No Caption ProvidedNo Caption Provided

Stealth is usually a massive a part of Cyberpunk 2077 if you need it to be. Whilst sneaking is part of near to any construct on this recreation, specializing in it may well provide you with some severe benefits in dealing harm and finishing goals. Should you do need to move the full-stealth direction, it is value making an investment in some Cyberware that may lend a hand, like an enhanced Cyberdeck for hacking safety cameras and enemies’ optics, and tendon improvements to your legs that can mean you can double-jump, and thus achieve paths that can mean you can slip previous enemies or get the drop on them. You’ll be able to additionally need to equip suppressors in your guns, and to prioritize the perks for the kinds of guns you’ll be able to silence.

Key Attributes: Cool, Reflexes

Cool – Stealth

  • Sniper (extra harm when sneaking)
  • Silent and Fatal (larger harm with silent guns whilst sneaking)

Cool – Chilly Blood

  • Chilly Blood (more than a few advantages for killing enemies, however be sure you purchase extra perks in line with your playstyle)
  • Will to Live to tell the tale (larger Resistance in step with stack of Chilly Blood).

Cool – Stealth

  • Crouching Tiger (Quicker motion whilst sneaking)
  • Murderer (larger harm to human enemies)

Intelligence – Breach Protocol

  • Large Sleep (Deactivate connected safety cameras)

Combine And Fit

Those builds are a excellent position to begin, however you’ll be able to very much refine your personality and playstyle by means of going after further perks in any given menu. Here is a rundown of what each and every set of perks emphasizes, permitting you to concentrate on specific approaches–like prioritizing the use of swords, going totally John Wick with pistols, or punching your means out of each state of affairs.


Athletics: Impacts maximum issues connected to Stamina, whilst additionally supplying you with the power to run, leap, vault, slide, and dodge whilst battling.

Annihilation: Perks designed to make it more uncomplicated so that you can move right into a directly struggle with heavy guns and to take in extra harm.

Side road Brawler: Larger harm and effectiveness battling barehanded or with blunt guns.


Attack: Perks for rifles and submachine weapons and for battling whilst taking duvet.

Handguns: Pistol and revolver perks most commonly desirous about speedy battling and important hits.

Blades: Sword-focused and Mantis Blade perks that make blades quicker and deadlier with a focal point at the Bleeding impact, whilst giving boosts to close-range defensive strikes.

Technical Talent

Crafting: Perks that free up the power to craft quite a few guns, garments, and Quickhacks. Additionally they supply advantages that make crafted pieces deadlier or extra precious on the market.

Engineering: Perks that support the usefulness and lethality of tech guns, be offering larger coverage in opposition to grenades, and make you simpler in opposition to robot enemies.


Breach Protocol: Hacking techniques turns into more uncomplicated and simpler with those perks, permitting you to have an effect on more than one units directly with daemons and thieve extra when hacking.

Quickhacking: Enhancements to the effectiveness of Quickhacks and which let you use them extra steadily. Perks additionally be offering the power to craft your personal Quickhacks.


Stealth: Perks desirous about making you faster and simpler whilst in stealth, whilst expanding the wear and tear you do and providing silent kill talents.

Chilly Blood: Killing enemies in fast succession will give you the Chilly Blood standing with those perks, which offer a number of advantages in the middle of battle that will help you stay racking up kills.

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