Boy Meets Boy review – walking-and-talking romance never gets anywhere

But any other Earlier than Dawn imitator – this time with two males who’ve 15 hours to spend in combination in Berlin – falters on account of a subpar script and worrying characters

Richard Linklater has so much to respond to for. Ever since Earlier than Dawn, numerous indie movies have attempted to ape the incandescent spirit of that 1995 vintage, in most cases to middling effects. Daniel Sanchez Lopez’s Boy Meets Boy is the most recent sadly failed try, and as soon as once more finds the achilles heel of those copycat initiatives. Earlier than Dawn would possibly seem improvised but it surely has a tightly built script. With out excellent writing, observing random folks strolling round hardly makes for a great time on the motion pictures.

No less than the selected location is captivating sufficient. Having locked eyes the former evening at a membership, Johannes (Alexandros Koutsoulis) and Harry (Matthew James Morrison), wander about on a sun-drenched day in Berlin, prior to the latter’s flight again to the United Kingdom. It’s the type of temporary come upon the place the goodbyes pre-exist the hellos: the younger males know they simply have 15 hours in combination. Maximum in their conversations are spontaneous – or you ought to be; they vary from circle of relatives lifestyles and jobs to, later, extra private topics akin to monogamy and open relationships. The problems mentioned are fascinating but the subpar writing renders the pair’s reviews inconsequential, if no longer outright worrying. “Quirky” moments, akin to Harry appearing a movie clip by means of Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl, handiest induce eyerolls.

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