Your Sims can play Cyberpunk 2077 right now, even if you can't

Let’s accept it: your Sims in The Sims four more than likely have a greater lifestyles than you do. Perhaps they every so often rainy their pants and go to sleep face-down at the sidewalk, however most often they have were given larger homes, nicer furnishings, extra trendy clothes, and extra alternatives for WooHoo than the typical flesh and blood particular person.

However in terms of PC video games, we have were given them beat. Your sims are caught with generic pc video games like Blicblock, Highway Rival, and Fantastic Sports activities, which all sound horrible. It seems like they are having a laugh after they play, however that is most effective as a result of they do not know the good PC video games are out right here in our size.

Till now. The Higher Pc Video games mod provides your Sims some essentially excellent video games, plus a candy PC for them to play on. The PC comes with GTA five, Sekiro: Shadows Die Two times, Forza Horizon four, Character four Golden, League of Legends, and Monster Hunter: Global. Hell, your fortunate Sims will even take a seat down and play Cyberpunk 2077 presently, which is greater than I will be able to say for the remainder of us.

The mod provides actual pictures at the little display screen, in addition to actual sound from the video games. For those who take a seat there observing your Sims play Cyberpunk 2077 (which I did, slightly wistfully) you’ll be able to see a pleasing chew from what I suppose is likely one of the many, many gameplay trailers which were launched because the recreation used to be introduced what appears like 35 years in the past.

Perhaps the frantic clicking does not cross all that neatly with the Cyberpunk pictures, however it does paintings lovely neatly for Sekiro:

You’ll be able to to find the Higher Pc Video games mod at Mod The Sims and Nexus Mods. To put in, simply unpack the obtain and drop it for your Sims four mod folder (possibly present in Paperwork/Digital Arts/The Sims four/). Then boot up the sport, purchase the brand new PC whilst in construct mode (it is an ROG), drop it on a table, and watch your Sims lives get even higher than they already have been.

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