What We're Watching: Who Is Ahsoka Tano, and What Does She Mean for the Child?

Darth Vader and Ahsoka from 'Star Wars' fighting on a distant planet.

Chances are high that, in case you subscribe to Disney+, it’s basically for one display—The Mandalorian. It’s a display that’s phase area cowboy journey, phase bounty hunter drama, celebration Big name Wars story, and phase … uh… Punky Brewster? In the event you’ve been following alongside, the Mandalorian’s subsequent objective is to seek out Ahsoka Tano as a result of she is aware of the place the Jedi could be. However who’s Ahsoka Tano?

Be aware: The Mandalorian is an ongoing display, and Season 2 is lately airing. Despite the fact that we’ll attempt to stay spoilers to the minimal, we’ll be discussing occasions thru Episode three of the present season. Then again, we’ll steer clear of plot issues of the most recent episode for many who haven’t but had a possibility to look at it. We’ll even be discussing plot issues of The Clone Wars and Rebels extra carefully.

“You are expecting me to look the galaxy for the house of this creature and ship it to a race of enemy sorcerers?” In a nutshell, this line sums up Din Djarin’s (often referred to as the Mandalorian and performed by means of Pedro Pascal) present undertaking. On the finish of Season 1, the Armorer (Emily Swallow) duties him with returning the Kid to his folks.

The Mandalorian and the Child on a frozen world.

Djarin appears to be beneath the incorrect affect that the Jedi and the Kid’s individuals are one and the similar. His newest lead to find the Jedi is to seek for an individual named Ahsoka Tano within the town of Calodan at the woodland planet of Corvus.

Whilst The Mandalorian introduces a number of new characters to the Big name Wars universe, it will wonder you to listen to that Ahsoka isn’t an invention of the display. Like Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff), the opposite Mandalorian who gave Djarin the lead, Ahsoka hails from The Clone Wars animated sequence. (Now not the cool animated film that adopted the manner of Samurai Jack, however the later CGI sequence.)

So is Ahsoka a Jedi? No, however she sought after to be. In The Clone Wars, she is padawan to none as opposed to Anakin Skywalker. (That’s proper; she’s Darth Vader’s outdated pupil.) Beneath Anakin’s tutelage, she grows from a tender and whiny kid (so, vintage Big name Wars) to a dual-lightsaber-wielding, force-blasting, butt-kicking Togruta (that’s her race) who can stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Darth Maul.

However she doesn’t end her Jedi coaching. In Season five of The Clone Wars, any person frames her for homicide. Many Jedi don’t consider she’s blameless, and even though Anakin catches the actual offender, the placement leaves her dissatisfied with the Jedi Order.

An older Ahsoka looking at an R2 droid.

Ahsoka returns within the more recent sequence Rebels, albeit as a far older and extra hardened person. She wields two white lightsabers now, and at one level, participates in an epic duel with Darth Vader. Firstly of the battle, she simply suspects Vader’s true id, however she reveals out the reality by means of the tip. And he or she slightly escapes along with her existence, thank you to a couple Big name Wars-taste time shuttle (sure, in reality).

Then again, that get away traps her on a non secular aircraft (it’s… difficult), and she or he doesn’t reappear in Rebels till the sequence finale. Once we go away off with Ahsoka, she starts a adventure to trace down the principle Rebels persona, Ezra, who’s misplaced someplace in a far off a part of the galaxy.

You’ll be questioning if Bo-Katan in reality is aware of Ahsoka—and the solution is sure, she does. They first meet in Season four as enemies. However this yr, The Clone Wars were given a wonder 7th season after a six-year ruin. Right through the overall season, Bo-Katan and Ahsoka meet once more and battle side-by-side (kind of) to defeat Darth Maul, who has overthrown Mandalore, the house of the Mandalorians.

What we don’t know is that if Ahsoka in reality is conscious as to the whereabouts of any final Jedi. We haven’t but came upon whether or not or now not she in fact met Luke or another Jedi in hiding—as opposed to the ones featured in Rebels (maximum of whom are both useless or lacking). Then again, she does have tantalizing wisdom of the Kid. In the end, she met and fought along Yoda all through her years as a padawan. She is also one of the vital few final individuals who nonetheless recalls Yoda’s folks.

However we’ll have to attend to determine. If Djarin has confirmed something, it’s that he has a dependancy of having sidetracked from his primary process. He’s just about all the time on a sidequest. It’s now not transparent when Ahsoka will seem but, however it does seem that Rosario Dawson will play the nature.

Our cash is on Episode five. In the end, Dave Filoni directed that episode, and he created Ahsoka (along George Lucas). Don’t leave out it, as a result of Ahsoka is without doubt one of the maximum attention-grabbing characters in all of Big name Wars. You’ll catch her complete historical past by means of staring at Big name Wars: The Clone Wars and Big name Wars: Rebels on Disney+.

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