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Watch Lucas Pope discuss the making of Return of the Obra Dinn

A couple of weeks in the past, Papers, Please developer Lucas Pope launched his newest recreation, a mercantile homicide thriller referred to as Go back of the Obra Dinn. It is some other access in Pope’s historical past of creating fascinating video games about bizarre other people, and its deductive sudoku-like nature have captured the eye of alternative recreation builders. 

Thankfully for you, Pope used to be recreation to return by way of and chat about his revel in making Go back of the Obra Dinn over at the GDC Twitch channel and resolution questions on the entirety from 1-bit artwork route to his paintings/existence stability at the four-and-a-half yr challenge. 

You’ll want to click on the video above for the total dialog! And For extra recreation developer interviews, you’ll now observe the GDC Twitch channel and take part in common Q&As with proficient builders at the back of fascinating video games. 

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