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WATCH: Justin Timberlake becoming an author

Transcript for Justin Timberlake turning into an creator

Time now for “Pop information” and ‘R cross over to Ron Boe. Adrien Bankert, who were given, D do “Pop information.” At would bexciting. Ould have Odo he wobe satisfied. Justin Timberlake, is there anythi H? Cdance, act — Nice golfer too by means of the way in which. Is he in reality? W. Cross T he is an creator. Tierlake tweing, guys, I’ve some information. I have bee running in this for awhile now. I am satisfied to come up with a have a look at my first guide, #hindsigh itroive readers a from his private archives. He will additionally blking abouhis adolescence. That can be launched October . T’s probab going T nice likerything else he does, yeah. Hs superb. Are J little bit. Do not hon him however he is so great. He is a pleasant man. Were given to like Thate right here, L Some love for Jessica unexpected enthusiasts returning to the degree to offer T performae yr LI to this. ??? mogu going to name her that as a result of she’s goa complete loofe’s spinnie nation legend Willie nels all over trange county honest si bool” and printed it is the first time she’s carried out in fro of her husband, soccer participant Erik Johnson and theirki, ar-old maxwe and Five-year-oldce. Illie nels, too, La. Precisely. Ie Nelson, does not get a lot more mythical that, but even so doy partonhat is.ovly you’ll come at the display any time. Put a LI shoutout R you. WHE ING about icons, we are com up on th oe wonder uvethey’re considering of preserving a movie competition in choose imax ters. Youeat a way ow largant guy is. Ll 20 titl can be swn uding threthat havnever won the remedy. “ironman”,e incredib hulk”, a “Captain Erica: The Enger.” It runs from August 3to September sixth. I can be in for “Ironman” oy favoriteiemy farite characters. Whave N what you’ announcing. It sounded in reality excellent however W it smells in reality excellent in right here and this is why. Their bacon. One individual we all know the Reon in the back of . Tuout our lo O foodkeie rooster, bacon, no twist of fate. It is going again to ancestors. Acg to researcomnivorousint used to be an advantagto be atte meals’s crispiness. Suppose while you chew into a work of crispy. WRE no longer tng about celery right here. It is saating while you chew into one thing crispy. Veryone needs fried rooster now. Oss some chickgs. In point of fact, we needed to allow you to lebrate mas R love — all of affection for piness. King of crpy, our S did not find out about crispy cream however we do. The dough chain O with a te version new deal with. Extra foo sure. Inspiredy tr R. Crpy cream dpe hershey’socolate,ripped th Reese peanut butter and salted caramel sauce and you might be ome. Wow, what? ‘Re welcome Thank you for ING us. Have weekend, evehanks for sign up for us.

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