Video: Bitcoin’s Nature With Gigi

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On this episode of the Bitcoin Mag Podcast, host Christian Keroles and writer and senior developer at Swan Bitcoin Dergigi take a deep dive the Bitcoin rabbit hollow. 

Keroles and Dergigi talk about Bitcoin’s round nature and the way other people regularly venture themself onto Bitcoin. To Dergigi, additionally identified merely as Gigi, Bitcoin is a replicate and all of us see what we venture mirrored again from it. The 2 additionally talk about Bitcoin’s dispensed nature and Gigi explains why seeking to kill Bitcoin is comparable to seeking to remove the arena of ants. 

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In any case, they duvet Bitcoiners’ spiritual zeal towards the era and why Bitcoin hardliners are, in truth, excellent for Bitcoin.

Christian Keroles

House cooking recommend. Doing Bitcoin stuff @BitcoinMagazine. The Bitcoiner on @POVCryptoPod.

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