There's a secret dog hidden in your YouTube video timeline

YouTube has never been one to stint at the Easter eggs, however it is a new one for me.

It is hidden away at the timeline that charts your growth via a video. Should you spotlight that timeline and grasp left — both left on an connected sport controller, or the left arrow key — in sure variations of YouTube (I will get to that during a minute), you’ll summon a canine.

It takes a little, so be affected person. Should you’ve watched any of the video, it is going to rewind first. Then you need to stay conserving left for every other 10 or 15 seconds. In the end, a little bit, brown canine, perhaps a Corgi, will trot throughout your timeline, from left to proper.

The Easter egg most effective works in sure variations of YouTube, so far as we will be able to inform. We now have examined the 3 main console apps — PlayStation four, Xbox One, and Transfer — and the canine is there in they all. Additionally it is available to your PC by means of internet browser, however most effective the use of the YouTube TV interface.

(I am not certain who first found out this Easter egg, however I first noticed it proper right here at the Nintendo Transfer subreddit. After I attempted googling “YouTube Easter egg canine” I fell down a fully other, and frankly very good, rabbit hollow.)

The usual would possibly not paintings. As an alternative, it’s important to cross to After the sign-in web page (you’ll skip it), make a choice any video you notice and practice the directions above. If you are no longer the use of a sport controller, you’ll use your arrow keys to navigate the interface and spotlight the timeline.

Here is some video appearing the way it works on a Transfer.

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The Easter egg does not seem to be particularly hooked up to the YouTube TV; there are separate Xbox apps for YouTube and YouTube TV, as an example, and I were given this domestic dog to turn pop up within the former. However the YouTube TV-style interface appears to be key. The Easter egg does not paintings on the usual website online, and it does not paintings within the YouTube app on my Pixel XL.

It is lovable despite the fact that! Who can perhaps be mad about having another secret, smiling canine of their existence? That is nice information. 

Now, cross fetch your YouTube timeline and spot this wonder for your self.

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