The Godfather Part II: ‘The Unexpected Sequel’ Turns 45

On December 20, 2019, The Godfather Section II celebrates the 45th anniversary of its liberate in 1974. It nonetheless stays one of the lauded cinematic sequels of all time, and the primary sequel to win an Academy Award for Highest Image. (It took The Lord of the Rings: Go back of the King 29 years to succeed in the similar feat).Again within the ’70s, sequels weren’t as ubiquitous as they’re as of late, so for director Francis Ford Coppola to equivalent, and arguably best possible, The Godfather used to be, and stays to nowadays, a shocking fulfillment. To mark the anniversary, Fathom Occasions has scheduled screenings of The Godfather Section II in theaters around the nation, together with on November 12 and 13 (purchase tickets right here).

Fred Roos, a co-producer on The Godfather Section II who additionally walked away with an Academy Award for the film, continues to be a widespread collaborator of Coppola’s and the prolonged circle of relatives of Coppola filmmakers. Now 85, Roos were given at the telephone to speak with IGN about how Section II used to be the surprising sequel in Coppola’s profession, with Paramount Footage speaking the director and his group into some other installment as a result of The Godfather used to be this sort of large good fortune for the studio, and extra.Al Pacino as Michael Corleone

Al Pacino as Michael Corleone

The Sudden Sequel

Roos says Coppola simplest agreed to the sequel after he discovered some way into it story-wise. “Nice artists do not normally do sequels to their very own movies,” the manufacturer says of the overall way of thinking again within the day. “It used to be more or less a no-no. Now not a stylish factor to do.”

However Coppola used to be acutely aware of the good energy he used to be going to be afforded in doing a follow-up, so he labored with The Godfather novelist Mario Puzo to stipulate a script that will be worthy sufficient to inform.

“He and Mario, that they had this manner of running the place they’d move off to a lodge, normally in Reno or someplace the place there may be playing,” Roos unearths. “They’d paintings for 2 or 3 hours in a room at the script. After which they’d move down and gamble for a few hours. They’d give themselves a bit of prize. A little bit ‘dessert’ for his or her onerous paintings.”

The end result in their hard work was the screenplay that instructed the tale of Vito Corleone’s formative years in Sicily, which might be portrayed with Robert De Niro within the position, as juxtaposed with the ongoing story of his son, fresh mobster Michael Corleone, once more performed by means of Al Pacino.Robert De Niro as Vito Corleone

Robert De Niro as Vito Corleone

Increasing the Godfather International

“The Godfather: Section II used to be, in a normal sense, at the web page within the script, however no longer precisely,” Roos explains. “While you crossed from one tale to the opposite, that needed to be attempted time and again in several cuts and other screenings for audiences. It took months to in any case arrive on the proper components of find out how to do the slicing. It wasn’t simply robotically there within the script, even though the 2 tales have been.”

In his position as a manufacturer, Roos built-in his abilities as a a hit casting agent into his day-to-day obligations, increasing at the solid of surviving characters from the primary movie. “Hanging in combination that solid used to be pivotal, however in again of the digital camera, we additionally attempted to stay the similar team of people that made the primary one,” Roos main points. “The cinematographer, manufacturing designers, and plenty of other folks. And there are all the time new people who I’d need to plug in. Nevertheless it wasn’t onerous to get a solid for Godfather: Section II. It used to be onerous to select accurately.”

If truth be told, a few of his trickiest manufacturer fixes got here with two prevalent roles slated for Section II: Marlo Brando’s Don Corleone and Richard Castellano who performed Peter Clemenza.

Brando ended up having calls for at the script and for his time table that simply ended up being untenable. Roos says in consequence, very early on, “Francis and Mario arrived at a option to give [Don] a presence, however we do not see him.”

Actors Who Have been Changed All over Manufacturing

“Richard Castellano more or less were given delusions of grandeur after the primary movie,” Roos continues. “He made improbable calls for to be in Section II. He sought after to have enter at the script. In order that’s when the Frankie Pentangeli, Frankie 5 Angels, persona used to be created. In impact, he replaces the Clemenza persona. I imply, no longer in truth, however that is how that [swap with Frankie actor Michael Gazzo] took place.”

In a different way, Roos additionally made himself to be had to lend a hand Coppola simply focal point at the intense calls for of the manufacturing. “That movie used to be shot far and wide the sector,” the manufacturer explains. “We shot in Hollywood, the Dominican Republic, Miami, Sicily, Rome, Lake Tahoe and a large a part of it in New York Town with streets [that] needed to be constructed from scratch by means of manufacturing design. You were not frequently capturing since you would pull up and feature to transport to some other location, however that is a protracted, very long time for a shoot.”

Frightened Professionals

The big variety of places additionally made Paramount pros quite apprehensive asking Coppola and Roos in the event that they in reality needed to shuttle to exact places, or spend such a lot on manufacturing parts. “They’d make their efforts, however while you’d say, ‘Go into reverse,’ or ‘We are doing it this manner,’ they’d backtrack,” Roos says to their credit score.

“However I must take those telephone calls from the pros announcing, ‘You are two weeks in the back of time table and you are two million over finances! Can not you prevent this guy? What’s he doing?’” he continues. And I would just need to maintain those telephone calls and move on with the paintings handy. And we did not close them out,” he says of Copolla’s inclusive tactics. “They may come to the set in the event that they sought after to fly to Sicily, or fly to the Dominican Republic. However normally they did not,” he chuckles.When Section II hit theaters on the very finish of 1974, Roos says all of the corporate used to be concerned about how it could land with critics and audiences. “It used to be this sort of complicated movie, and a protracted movie with an advanced construction,” he says. “And even if it opened and performed, it were given excellent evaluations, however it wasn’t named some of the 10 best possible movies of all time. That grew through the years.”

Roos admits that even at the night time of the Oscars, the entire the city assumed Chinatown used to be going to win. They definitely have been incorrect as The Godfather Section II wiped clean up with six Academy Award wins. “The place no longer each movie that I tackle, or have the risk to do, can fairly come as much as that degree, you all the time hope it will possibly,” he says.

Within the 4 a long time since, Roos has remained a manufacturing fixture within the credit for the entire Coppola filmmakers from Francis to Sofia and Eleanor. He’s additionally now running along with his manufacturer son. “He used to be a graduate of USC movie faculty, so it is Roos and Roos,” he says with pleasure. “And that makes it amusing. And we shuttle all over the world making movies. It is nonetheless thrilling. And I’m no longer able to stroll clear of it.”

Have a good time The Godfather Section II’s 45th anniversary with Fathom Occasions’ screening in theaters around the U.S. on November 12 and 13. Purchase tickets right here!

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