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The best Amazon Echo add-ons and accessories

Due to the recognition of Amazon’s Echo sensible speaker and Alexa virtual assistant, a cottage business of add-ons and equipment has sprung as much as make the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Faucet even higher. Make your Echo/Alexa system moveable. Support the Echo’s sound high quality. Hold your Echo system at the wall and even mount it within your ceiling. A cornucopia of after-market units can accomplish those tips and extra.

We’ve put our fingers on 16 of the most efficient Echo equipment available on the market in order that we will no longer simplest tell you in their life however inform you how they carry out and help you know of any attainable drawbacks. These kind of have compatibility with the Echo and Echo Dot (2nd technology), because the new fashions (the Echo Display, 2nd technology Echo, et al) simply got here to marketplace. 

Newest Echo and Alexa information

  • Amazon’s Alexa has teamed up with Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana. Now you’ll be able to say, “Hi there Alexa, open Cortana and take a look at my emails” and vice versa. It could sound like an strange technique, however the corporations say Alexa is healthier at sensible house management, whilst Cortana is healthier at organizing day by day duties on Home windows.
  • Your Alexa sensible speaker would possibly simply save your existence. Mayo Health facility has introduced the Mayo Health facility First Support talent for Alexa, which gives voice-guided directions on easy methods to deal with dozens of prerequisites. For instance, you’ll be able to say, “Alexa, ask Mayo First Support how do I deal with my child’s fever?” to get recommendation.
  • Alexa is now sensible sufficient to play song whilst you input a room. Amazon has introduced a brand new API that we could Alexa keep in touch with movement sensors to activate Spotify and different song apps whilst you open a door. The replace even permits you to take a look at if home windows or doorways are open.

All-device equipment

Echogear Outlet shelf

When you have an outlet that’s in the course of your wall and unobstructed by means of design parts equivalent to a countertop backsplash, Echogear’s Outlet Shelf ($15 on Amazon) can accommodate no longer simply any Echo system but in addition higher units equivalent to a Sonos One speaker (there’s a weight prohibit of 10 kilos).

echogear outlet shelf Michael Brown

This plastic shelf replaces your outlet quilt (extra-long screws and steel plates for each types of retailers are equipped to safe it to the receptacle). The shelf is above the hole, and the ability cable passes via a hollow within the again. The “legs” of the shelf are broad sufficient to house even huge wall warts, however it may be difficult to cover the surplus cable for smaller pieces like an Echo Dot (chances are you’ll need to change the usual cable with a stub cable in such eventualities).

Amazon Echo Dot (Second technology) equipment

The Spot, for the Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is brief, however its footprint is solely as huge because the full-size Echo. If the counter or tabletop house in your house is already overcrowded, Mount Genie’s The Spot ($14 every or $26 for a two-pack on Amazon) permits you to dangle the Dot from outlet, successfully lowering its footprint to 0.

the spot for the echo dot Michael Brown

The Spot is a plastic cradle that holds an Echo Dot. It comes with a USB cable stub that plugs into the ability adapter that got here with the Echo Dot. The adapter suits within a collar that the cradle hangs from. Flanges at the again of the mount lengthen to the wall, in order that urgent the buttons at the Dot received’t pull the AC adapter out of the plug. The Spot can be utilized with vertical or horizontal shops, however it’s going to save you you from plugging a three-pronged plug into the adjoining outlet in a duplex. 

Maximum shops are put in about 12 inches above the ground, which isn’t a super location for both a speaker or a microphone. That is going double if the hole you wish to have to make use of is blocked by means of furnishings. The Spot works nice with shops which are positioned above counter tops (kitchens, toilets, rainy bars, and so forth.) or in workspaces such because the storage. The Spot is to be had in black, white, grey, and aqua.

This Dottie, for the Echo Dot

Not anything Like This provides a identical cradle for the twond-gen Echo Dot referred to as This Dottie ($20 on Amazon). Not like The Spot, it has an AC adapter constructed proper into the system. A USB cable stub could also be incorporated. This Dottie received’t block the decrease outlet in a duplex if you happen to plug it into the higher outlet, as proven at the set up pamphlet, however the buttons at the docked Dot can be the wrong way up. Additionally, the burden of the Dot would possibly pull the AC adapter out of the hole over the years.

this dottie up position straight Michael Brown

I’d counsel plugging This Dottie into the decrease outlet as an alternative. You received’t be capable to use a three-pronged plug within the higher outlet, however the Dot’s buttons can be orientated as it should be. This placement, on the other hand, can be an issue if there’s a thick backsplash underneath the hole. The only in my kitchen, for example, is ready 1/2-inch thick. The Dot didn’t glance all that appealing protruding at an perspective, however the Dot used to be in a position to attract chronic and not using a drawback. This Dottie is to be had in black or white and prices $nine and alter greater than the identical The Spot, however understand that it comes with an AC adapter.

Flush Mount for Spherical Puck Audio system

I didn’t have time to put in this Flush Mount ($20 on Amazon), however I intend to—most definitely in multiples. It’s a super concept that may make an Echo Dot nearly disappear into your structure. An Echo Dot suits within the mount, which has a flange that leaves the Dot sitting flush along with your wall or ceiling. The brink of the angled USB plug and stub cable that Mount Genie supplies holds the Dot in position. Mount Genie additionally supplies a strip of two-sided tape to additional safe the Dot, which I like to recommend the use of.

mount genie flush mount in hand Michael Brown

You’ll additionally get an angled three.5mm female-to-male adapter for connecting exterior audio system, and a 10-foot braided USB cable. Mount Genie suggests the use of power-over-ethernet (PoE) to provide electrical energy to the Echo Dot. No chronic provide is incorporated, and also you’ll want to acquire both an influence injector or a PoE transfer plus a PoE splitter that you just’ll set up on the Dot finish of the ethernet cable (Mount Genie recommends a WiFi Texas type, which Amazon sells for roughly $21) if making a decision to move that course.

A paper template for reducing a hollow to your wall or ceiling is incorporated, which you should utilize with a hollow noticed or a keyhole noticed (a drill fixed hollow noticed can be more straightforward and extra exact). You don’t want to set up a junction field within the hollow, the mount will wedge itself into the drywall.

Sanus Speaker Mount

Sanus makes a speciality of TV speaker stands and mounts, however in addition they have a few cool and reasonably priced equipment for the Amazon Echo. The Sanus Speaker Mount ($15 on Amazon)—to be had in black or white—is a plastic mount with a silicone rim that securely cradles an Echo Dot. It’s designed to be screwed into the wall; however, Sanus additionally supplies two 3M Command Image Putting Strips that may do the task with out destructive the wall.

sanus horizontal Michael Brown

The Dot’s buttons can be the wrong way up if you happen to organize it within the cradle so the Dot’s chronic enter and aux output are on the backside. The other is to place the Dot in order that the cable chronic comes out the highest and wraps across the Speaker Mount. It’s worthwhile to additionally mount it to the facet of the hole. Then again you set up it, this can be a reasonably less-attractive resolution than the outlet-mounts we’ve observed and also you’ll need to wrap up the surplus cable and safe it with a cable tie. Rather then that, it’s each bit as efficient at getting your Echo Dot off your counter or desktop.

Wasserstein Battery for Echo Dot

This little device is a combo dock and battery for a Second-generation Echo Dot ($30 on Amazon). I love it higher than the Fremo Evo (see beneath) for a few causes: First, it doesn’t require you to completely adjust the Echo by means of gluing a steel plate to its backside. 2nd, there’s a push button on its entrance that may flip the battery off and on. If you already know you received’t want the Echo for a longer time, you’ll be able to close it down and save the battery for the days you do want it. 4 LEDs point out battery stage.

wasserstein battery for echo dot 2 Michael Brown

The 7000mAh battery is rated to remaining 10 to 12 hours, relying on how a lot you utilize it. The dock itself, which is roofed to your collection of 4 woven-nylon materials (brown, pink, darkish blue, or gentle blue), will offer protection to the Dot. Sadly, it additionally blocks the Dot’s three.5mm analog auxiliary audio output. As with the Evo, you’ll want to use the Dot’s AC adapter and cable to fee the battery.

Fremo Evo

The Fremo Evo ($35 on Amazon)—to be had in black or white—is one among a number of battery choices that render an Echo Dot cell. Now not simplest do you no longer want to concern concerning the distance from an AC outlet, you’ll be able to take your Echo Dot with you and fix it to any Wi-Fi hotspot. Fremo’s battery is reasonably higher in diameter than the Echo Dot itself, and it comes with a steel disc with adhesive on each side with the intention to mount the battery to the Dot completely.

fremo evo docked Michael Brown

It makes use of an L-shaped connector with a Micro-USB port for the Dot on one facet and pin-type connector at the different for the battery. Fremo guarantees six hours of battery existence from its 5200mAh battery, however this will likely clearly range relying on how a lot you utilize the Dot. You’ll want to use the Dot’s unique AC adapter to recharge the battery, because the Evo doesn’t include one among its personal. 4 small LEDs at the entrance of the Evo point out ultimate battery existence.

Ninety7 Vaux speaker dock for the Echo Dot

We’ve checked out a number of battery docks for the twond-generation Echo Dot. Ninety7 united statesthe ante with the Vaux ($50 on Amazon), which provides a small speaker to the combination. The battery is a 5000mAh type that the corporate says can chronic the Dot for as much as six hours, relying on how ceaselessly you summon Alexa and pay attention to song.

vaux for echo dot Michael Brown

An on/off button permits you to maintain the battery for the ones occasions you in truth want it. You’ll want to use the Dot’s AC adapter and USB cable to fee the battery, because the Vaux doesn’t include its personal. You’ll be able to learn our in-depth evaluation of the Vaux for extra main points.

iHome iAVS1 Bedside Stereo Speaker Device for the Echo Dot

Some of the Echo Dot’s shortcomings—but even so its atrocious speaker—is its loss of a show. It’s going to inform you the time, however provided that you ask Alexa first. Plop a Dot within the middle of the iHome iAVS1 ($50 on Amazon), and it’s going to no longer simplest show the time for you, it’s going to additionally improve the Dot’s audio system (simply plug the three.5mm aux cable into the Dot). The onboard audio system are a step up, however that’s no longer pronouncing a lot. Frequency reaction is restricted to the midrange—there’s nearly no bass—and also you’ll want to pay attention intently to get any sense of stereo imaging.

home bedside stereo speaker system for echo dot Michael Brown

The iAVS1 additionally comes with a preinstalled set of AAA batteries, however those will simplest stay the clock going within the tournament of a blackout—your Dot-based alarm received’t cross off. The virtual clock show can also be dimmed over 8 levels, however it will be great if there used to be an ambient gentle sensor that did this robotically, so it used to be brightest all the way through the day and dimmer however legible at night time whilst you’re snoozing. Finally, there’s a USB charging port in again in your smartphone or virtual media participant, however it places out simply 1 amp of chronic. It’s to be had in black now and white quickly.

Wasserstein Protecting Cloth Case for the Echo Dot

This appealing case ($6 on Amazon) will upload somewhat aptitude on your Echo Dot and be offering a little of coverage within the discount. It’s coated in the similar woven nylon as Wasserstein’s Battery and to be had in blue, brown, grey, pink, and white.

wasserstein protective fabric case Michael Brown

This and the Silicone Pores and skin (see beneath) are to be had simplest via Amazon’s Upload-on program: Their value tags are less than the associated fee to send them, you’ll be able to acquire them simplest by means of including them to an order of greater than $25.

Wasserstein Silicone Pores and skin for Amazon Echo Dot

Those skins ($Five every on Amazon) help you alternate the colour of your Echo Dot whilst protective it from knocks and bumps. For the $1 distinction in value, I feel Wassterstein’s cloth instances are the easier deal—silicone is a little of a mud and lint magnet—however you could have a unique opinion.

wasserstein silicone skin Michael Brown

The silicone sleeves are to be had in black, blue, gentle blue, tan, and white. Like the material protector, they’re an add-on merchandise (see description above).

Amazon Echo (first technology) equipment 

Sanus Bumper Guards

If you happen to personal the unique Amazon Echo, you understand how simply the too-tall system can also be knocked over. Slipping those thick bumper guards ($20 on Amazon) excessive and backside of the Echo received’t make it any much less twist of fate inclined, however they’ll a minimum of cushion its inevitable falls.

sanus accessory bumper Michael Brown

A notch within the backside ring will accommodate the Echo’s chronic wire. To be had in black or white, they are able to even be stretched to suit over the second-generation Echo, despite the fact that that type is much less wanting coverage.

Wasserstein Acrylic Speaker Stand for Amazon Echo

Right here’s any other resolution for stabilizing the unique Echo: The sensible speaker is nearly not possible to knock over when you drop it into this acrylic stand ($18 on Amazon). A big silicone pad isolates the speaker from the stand, and silicone ft at the bottoms of its 4 aluminum pegs will additional save you vibration switch from the speaker to no matter floor you set it on. A cut-out permits the ability wire to go via.

wasserstein acrylic speaker stand Michael Brown

The translucent blue stand isn’t in particular appealing, however it will get the task completed. And it

too can accommodate a Second-generation Echo—if you happen to in point of fact need it to. 

Wasserstein Wall Mount for Amazon Echo

Screw this steel mount ($15 on Amazon) into the wall and you’ll be able to slide a first-generation Amazon Echo within as though it have been a wall sconce. It holds the Echo out and clear of the wall at a slight perspective, which makes its buttons and volume-control ring more straightforward to make use of.

wasserstein wall mount Michael Brown

Not like the acrylic speaker stand above, on the other hand, there’s no padding to isolate the speaker from stand or the stand from the wall. The outlet isn’t big enough to house a second-generation Echo.

Wasserstein Echo Charging Station

Ever want you’ll want to take your first-generation Amazon Echo with you? Wasserstein’s Echo Charging Station ($30 on Amazon) could make that dream a truth. You plug a detachable adapter into the Echo’s chronic port that has spring-loaded pins that touch the battery base. Sturdy magnets cling the bottom to the ground of the Echo, so you’ll be able to elevate it round. My recommendation: Put a couple of Sanus Bumper Guards on it first.

echo charge Amazon

Like Wasserstein’s Battery for the Echo Dot, an influence button at the entrance of the bottom turns the nine,000 mAh battery off and on, and 4 LEDs document the battery stage. The battery can also be charged with any Five-volt, 2-amp AC adapter and a Micro-USB cable, or you’ll be able to use the equipped 15-volt, 1.Four-amp AC adapter as an alternative. You’ll be able to additionally fee your smartphone or virtual audio participant’s battery by means of plugging a USB cable into the Five-volt, 2-amp USB output at the base. And if you happen to’re ever plunged into darkness from a blackout, there’s even a vulnerable LED flashlight within the base. To be had in white simplest.

Amazon Faucet Equipment

Silicone sling

It seems like a tropical cocktail, however the Amazon Faucet Sling ($20 on Amazon) for the Amazon Faucet sensible speaker—the one Alexa-powered system that we haven’t taken a liking to—is rather at hand. It’s going to offer protection to its host from bumps and bruises, and a big loop may also help you dangle it from a carabiner, hook, or perhaps a nail (you’ll want to supply your individual).

silicone sling for amazon tap Michael Brown

It’s a little dear for what it’s, and also you’ll want to take away it earlier than hanging the Faucet on its charging cradle, however it’s to be had in 5 colours: blue, inexperienced, magenta, tangerine, and white.

Correction: This tale used to be up to date on November 17 to elucidate the fee for The Spot, for the Echo Dot.

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