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Take a tour of The Sims 4: Island Living

The Sims four’s newest enlargement, Island Residing, will let your Sims jet off to an island paradise for a vacation the next day, July 21, however first you’ll be able to take a handy guide a rough excursion to get accustomed to where within the authentic gameplay trailer above. 

On Sulani, your Sims can swim, canoe, journey jet skis, cross fishing or even hang around with some mermaids. If they are strapped for money or just a little bored of establishing sandcastles and sunbathing, they may be able to get started new careers fishing and diving, or they may be able to assist folks or nature as a lifeguard or conservationist.

Selecting the conservationist occupation will internet your Sim a snazzy jacket and jobs starting from cleansing up the seashores to working exams on Sulani’s water. Their exhausting paintings can repay when the island turns into extra stunning. 

I had a lack of self-control a wee whilst in the past that led to me all of sudden proudly owning maximum of The Sims four’s expansions, so I have nonetheless were given so much to dig thru. I am these days looking to flip everybody within the neighbourhood right into a vampire, so I do not believe a shuttle to a sunny, tropical island is at the playing cards. Don’t seem to be mermaids and vampires enemies? Or is that simply werewolves?

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