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Luke Harding and Mark Townsend file that “from Moscow, Brexit is observed as a wild luck, diminishing the United Kingdom and estranging London from its Eu companions… And MI6 failed to invite its secret brokers what precisely the Kremlin used to be as much as” (“Timid, incompetent… how our spies ignored Russia’s bid to sway Brexit”, Information). You don’t require a point in geopolitics to grasp why a weakened Russia, believing itself threatened via Nato and the west in most cases, wishes, and works for, a weakened west.

Carole Cadwalladr (“The Russia file presentations we have now a countrywide safety drawback. He lives in No 10”, Remark) observes: “The Russians stand accused of exploiting with disinformation and lies the similar platform that Johnson’s leader aide, Dominic Cummings, exploited with disinformation and lies.” Is someone asking what Cummings used to be as much as in his 3 years in Russia? For the reason that your opinion ballot (Information) signifies that virtually part of the folk interviewed imagine the Russian executive interfered with the referendum, is it out of the query to problem, even at this past due date, the validity of the 2016 end result? This isn’t to problem democracy. It may well be to problem conceivable treason.
John Airs

MI5’s failure to research Russian interference within the EU referendum used to be both since the executive ordered it or MI5 itself selected no longer to take action for concern of turning into interested in politics. Additionally, its file used to be finished in March 2019 however didn’t succeed in Boris Johnson till the next October, quite a few time for presidency to tamper with the file. This as revealed incorporates not anything to justify withholding it prior to the overall election. All of the episode reeks to top heaven, identical to our politics generally.
James Robertson
Pembury, Tunbridge Wells

At house at the top boulevard

Shane Hickey discusses the problems dealing with workers and employers as house running turns out prone to proceed (“As house running turns into the brand new customary, know your rights”, Money). A big merit for the person is avoidance of the time and price of commuting.

However, whilst some relish the sunlight hours involvement of alternative contributors of the family, this will also be distracting. Conversely, solitary staff might really feel remoted and lonely. The loss of structured hours, whilst occasionally offering precious flexibility (as an example for the varsity run), might erode what in a different way can be loose time.

There may be every other chance. Native place of work hubs may broaden, in all probability changing vacant retail outlets. Folks from quite a lot of corporations may just hire a administrative center with appropriate table and chair and web get right of entry to. The adventure to paintings may well be just a 10-minute stroll, there can be chats across the water cooler and scope for assembly over lunch. The entire package deal would change the lacking social options of the place of work and may best possible swimsuit some staff.
David Watkin

Covid-19: a glimmer of hope

In her very good article, Jemma Kennedy writes movingly about her signs following coronavirus and makes connections with the enjoy of “our first cousins” whose lives had been devastated via the a lot misunderstood sickness ME/CFS (“I’m a Covid-19 ‘lengthy hauler’. For us, there is not any result in sight”, Remark). Myalgic encephalomyelitis/continual fatigue syndrome profoundly impacts the well being and lives of victims for lots of months, years or a long time.

Kennedy identifies the profound demanding situations of folks residing with ME/CFS, as an example, in gaining a analysis, the loss of an evidence-based remedy and, most importantly, the disbelief – even inside of households and occasionally the scientific career. This latter can result in isolation and melancholy.

Covid-19 has been an unrelenting nightmare for too many of us but when we emerge from the enjoy with a better openness, compassion and working out for folks residing with comparable “hidden” diseases reminiscent of ME/CFS, that might be a silver lining, a glimmer of hope for the 250,000 individuals who are living with the situation in the United Kingdom.
David Oddie, Hilary Doe
Stoke Climsland, Callington

Turn-flops? Flop-flops, I’d say

Andrew Rawnsley’s period in-between file on Keir Starmer’s management presentations an encouraging get started (“The Tories are suffering to have the option to make Keir Starmer glance unhealthy”, Remark). Many of us I spoke to ultimate December noticed the overall election as a Morton’s fork: Boris Johnson used to be merely much less unwanted than Jeremy Corbyn, each in persona and manifesto.

What turns out sudden is that such a lot of of the voters nonetheless fail to recognise Johnson as a self-centred and shallow bully. Starmer could also be accused of being uninteresting and wood however that turns out out of place – we’re taking a look to a possible top minister. The irony is that Johnson may just grow to be a number one Labour sponsor within the reputation stakes because the flip-flops that Rawnsley refers to are more and more perceived as flop-flops.
John Trounce
Hove, East Sussex

Killer automobiles

The issue that must be solved via automotive producers isn’t such a lot the 1,800 deaths that happen on our roads every 12 months, however the 64,000 untimely deaths that happen yearly from air air pollution (“Riding might by no means be the similar once more. However what a trip it’s been!”, Center of attention).

This has been given renewed urgency via the realisation that Covid-19 mortality is intently related to ranges of air air pollution. Thus town dwellers are between 40% and 80% much more likely to die from Covid-19 than their rural opposite numbers, an commentary that might move some distance to provide an explanation for the upper mortality amongst contributors of the BAME group.
Robin Russell-Jones, medical adviser, all-party parliamentary team on air air pollution
Marlow, Buckinghamshire

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