Revisiting the 'Friends' Thanksgiving episodes may sweeten the holiday

Over ten seasons, “Pals” audience were given to enroll in within the custom along side Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler as they was their very own circle of relatives. They cooked, ate, fought, invited some A-list visitors over, and at all times were given up to a couple Turkey Day shenanigans. Lacking circle of relatives and my precise buddies this vacation and short of a just right snort, I re-watched the entire “Pals” Thanksgiving specials. The binge made the recent mess of a meal 2020 has served us slightly sweeter.

Monica places on a one-woman efficiency after the gang will get locked out of her rental. As her voice will get more and more upper, Chandler tells her “OK Monica, handiest canines can listen you currently.” The meals is burnt, Chandler hates Thanksgiving, however it is their first time spending all of it in combination.

Season 2, Episode eight — “The One With the Listing”

Ross makes an inventory, Rachel and Julie professionals and cons. After all Rachel unearths the listing.

Season three, Episode nine — “The One With the Soccer”

“Losers stroll.” Losers communicate.” The Geller siblings’ competitiveness comes out for the entire gang to peer.

Season four, Episode eight — “The One With Chandler in a Field”

When Chandler and Joey fall for a similar woman, Chandler breaks Joey’s center. He comes to a decision to turn out his love for Joey through sitting in a field for 6 hours.

Season five, Episode eight — “The One With The entire Thanksgivings”

Price it for antique Monica and Rachel by myself. Plus, Chandler’s 80’s hair.

Season 6, Episode nine — “The One The place Ross Were given Top”

Confessions and Monica ratting out Ross for smoking pot and stealing Playboys.

Season 7, Episode eight — “The One The place Chandler Does not Like Canine”

Chandler does not like Thanksgiving and bet who does not like canines both?

Season eight, Episode nine — “The One With the Rumor”

Rumors about Rachel, buddies from highschool, and Brad Pitt brings pie.

Season nine, Episode eight — “The One With Rachel’s Different Sister”

Rachel’s sister Amy (Christina Applegate) displays up and brings a number of drama together with her.

Season 10, Episode eight — “The One With the Past due Thanksgiving”

Chandler and Monica obtain the most productive information.

“Pals”these days streams on HBO Max, which like CNN is a part of WarnerMedia.

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