PUBG's Survival Mastery system rewards players for their non-lethal skills

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds four.three replace is coming to the PC check server quickly, bringing with it every other development gadget. Whilst the Weapon Mastery gadget let avid gamers degree up their weapons via scoring kills and doing injury, Survival Mastery makes a speciality of the entire different stuff. 

Looting, the usage of pieces, entering scuffles and reviving your pals will earn you XP, netting you rewards each time you degree up, most commonly for the brand new PUBG ID. The ID we could avid gamers “specific themselves”, this means that appearing off stats and gussying the ID up with backgrounds, trademarks and poses. For ranges the place you aren’t getting a PUBG ID praise, you can get BP as a substitute. 

I most often omit about all that stuff when I tweak it as soon as, so I am extra within the fit abstract timeline and playstyle information. The timeline recaps the entire survival actions avid gamers carried out in a fit, and it is imaginable to view earlier fits, so you’ll monitor your behavior. An research of your contemporary fits can be considered from the Survival tab, revealing your maximum distinguished characteristics. 

The replace may even introduce a brand new shotgun, the DBS, which is able to handiest be to be had by way of care applications to start with. PUBG Corp has additionally made tweaks to shotguns usually, in addition to the S686, S1987 and the sawed-off shotgun.

Take a look at the patch notes right here.

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