PS5 Sales to Surpass 200 to 300 Million Units In 5 to 6 Years

DarXyde16h in the past(Edited 16h in the past)

This is extraordinarily positive.

This analyst predicting PS5 taking up the esports scene is relatively… unsubstantiated. It is undoubtedly shaping as much as be an especially spectacular console, however you are no longer going to peel off the PC marketplace; in accordance with what, precisely? PC is multipurpose and other people just like the better flexibility afforded to PC than consoles.

It surprises me this comes from Rakuten—to have that more or less gross sales pressure, you wish to have to have an enormous presence in each and every nation (or extra nations than ahead of) and I in fact do not see PS5 being a runaway hit in Japan.

This optimism simply feels oddly out of place.

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