Pathway review

What’s it? A roguelite techniques recreation with Nazis and cultists
Be expecting to pay $16/£13
Developer Robotality
Writer Chucklefish
Reviewed on GeForce GTX 1070, Core-i7 8750H, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer None
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I’ve simply watched 4 priestesses open the skies with magic crystals, ship the Divine Chariot of King Solomon to the heavens, and contact down lightning to break a bunch of cultists. And I’m bored. It’s standard of my time with Pathway, a turn-based techniques recreation in an Indiana Jones-inspired global—it has some a laugh concepts and I’ve loved it in brief bursts, however its insistence on making me grind repetitive missions briefly killed my hobby.

You adventure thru North Africa over 5 missions, every of which has its personal pulpy tale about preventing Nazis and cultists from raiding previous tombs. Missions are a internet of waypoints: some are retail outlets to shop for extra gas on your rusty jeep, others be offering mini tales with possible choices, equivalent to asking if you wish to possibility raiding a cursed dungeon to search out some additional cash.

In fight, which occurs each few stops, Pathway performs like a simplified XCOM. I transfer my squad into duvet, knifing and blasting at enemies, therapeutic up, and spending bravery issues on particular talents equivalent to a shotgun blast that may harm more than one foes. Every personality can carry out two movements according to flip, generally one motion and one assault, however you’ll be able to change both for a heal or reload. 

Pathway partially depends on randomness, providing you with a proportion likelihood of touchdown every shot, however I by no means felt cheated. I at all times hit my goal once I had a transparent line of sight. Quilt is obviously marked, and you’ll be able to hover over an enemy to peer their motion vary, so I at all times knew the place I may just safely hunker down. It’s all about positioning your squad to stick out of vary of sure enemies and isolate others, and its transparent algorithm creates a unique tactical puzzle each flip. However the ones puzzles simply do not end up attention-grabbing sufficient to hold this type of repetitive recreation, particularly while you get started replaying the similar missions.

Squad rotation

Like most current roguelites, every run in Pathway supplies incremental, everlasting development. If all of your characters die you fail a undertaking, however you stay any pieces you’ve nabbed on that try, and your squad keeps their level-u.s.between runs, providing you with a greater shot subsequent time. For the primary 4 to 5 hours I loved this cycle, and Pathway’s fight nonetheless felt contemporary as a result of the way it continuously jumbled my squad composition. 

You select a squad of 2 for a undertaking from a roster of 16, however you’ll be able to recruit different characters randomly picked from the line-up after you put off. On one run I met a sniper and grenade specialist, the following a melee knowledgeable and a system gunner. This compelled me to take a look at out new techniques and characters, and as my squad grew from two to a most of 4 my strategy to fight shifted, which made me really feel like I used to be at all times making development.

I really like that Pathway continuously asks you to make tricky possible choices. One of the vital waypoints forward are marked, so I do know what to anticipate once I arrive. Others are clean, or labelled with a query mark, because of this there’s one thing value seeing. However gas is at all times tight, which creates a predicament: Do I take the shortest path, or sidetrack within the hope of discovering some other personality to recruit? Do I steer clear of enemies, or combat thru them to achieve a store that would possibly promote high-level tools?

However after the primary two missions, the loss of intensity within the fight begins to turn. Arenas are samey—each wilderness spoil seems and performs alike—and enemies are unimaginative, save for a handful with distinctive talents, equivalent to a priestess that revives downed enemies. Some missions depend closely on zombies, which might be dull to combat. They only stroll at me mindlessly, making me retreat, take pot pictures, and progressively put on down their well being. 

In later missions, Pathway threw 10 or extra enemies at me in one combat and began to really feel much less tactical. I started some fights surrounded by way of enemies, making it inconceivable to steer clear of harm. The one approach to beat those later phases used to be to point up my characters, making improvements to their stats and grabbing higher tools, and sadly the one means to do this used to be to grind missions I’d already finished. 

Grind your gears

That is by way of a ways my largest gripe with Pathway: It makes you grind for the sake of it, quite than as a result of repeating missions is a laugh. The loss of selection in fight began to grate the instant I restarted an previous undertaking, and I felt like I used to be simply working thru the similar fight eventualities time and again.

Even its randomised tale occasions start to really feel predictable. The devs say there are greater than 400 distinctive occasions to come across, however the similar ones pop up many times. I will have to’ve noticed a mysterious, buzzing obelisk 15 instances, and in each case my characters failed a cube roll to determine extra about it. (Pathway’s devs have mentioned they are solving a trojan horse that reasons the similar tournament to occur more than one instances in the similar undertaking, however I used to be already rising uninterested in the similar occasions repeating between missions).

Those occasions don’t relate to the 5 major tales both, which themselves simplest obtain a couple of mins of consideration over every two-to-three hour undertaking. I stored forgetting why I used to be heading to my ultimate vacation spot. It doesn’t lend a hand that Pathway treats North Africa as merely a treasure trove to be plundered: Your workforce simply grabs historic artifacts from tombs and stuffs them in a sack.

Finishing it’s a run of the mill grind, and neither its battles nor global occasions are various sufficient to make every run really feel distinctive

As an additional incentive to replay missions, Pathway locks some characters in the back of lofty goals that you just’ll simplest entire by way of putting in place extra hours, however those characters aren’t distinctive sufficient to make that interesting, both. Particular talents are tied to weapon and armor kind quite than the characters themselves, so somebody with a pistol can spend bravery on a double shot, as an example. The gunners I discovered early felt simply as excellent as those I discovered later, particularly with the upgrades I’d been feeding them.

I really like that Pathway will provide you with tricky possible choices about how a lot gas you’ll be able to have the funds for to make use of, which path to take thru a degree, and the place to place your squad in fight. It’s a laugh in brief bursts, and I loved how it mixes up your squad composition by way of randomising the characters you recruit. However finishing it’s a run of the mill grind, and neither its battles nor global occasions are various sufficient to make every run really feel distinctive when it forces you to copy missions. It appears like a half-decent 10-hour recreation unnecessarily stretched to greater than double that point. I’d steer transparent.

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