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New proof for Kon-Tiki theory – archive, 18 May 1953

Princess Margaret’s discuss with to Oslo as a visitor on the marriage ceremony of Princess Ragnhild and Mr Erling Lorentzen, a delivery director, has been a powerful good fortune. The Princess has attracted way more consideration than every other of the various royal visitors, and newspapers in every single place Scandinavia were filled with reward for her qualities as an envoy of goodwill. Her actions were front-page information within the Scandinavian press even after the marriage.

The Princess has visibly loved her keep and has been in a position to offer a personalized touch to her discuss with. One of the vital highlights of her programme used to be a discuss with the day before today to the Kon-Tiki Museum, the place the explorer, Thor Heyerdahl, now not best demonstrated the well-known raft and gear but additionally gave the Princess new first-hand knowledge of his findings throughout a lately finished 2d excursion in Pacific waters.

Mr Heyerdahl now claims that he has discovered the ultimate hyperlinks within the chain of proofs of the speculation that population of the Polynesian Islands in the beginning got here from South The usa. One of the vital details in grievance of the speculation has been that no indicators were discovered of South American agreement at the Galapagos Islands, which will have to be some distance more uncomplicated to achieve with rafts than the Polynesian Islands which might be a lot farther away.

The expedition of Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl travelling across the Pacific on the balsa raft Kon Tiki circa 1947.

The expedition of Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl travelling around the Pacific at the balsa raft Kon Tiki circa 1947. : Hulton Getty

Throughout his newest expedition Mr Heyerdahl went to the Galapagos in corporate with American and Norwegian archaeologists and located lines of 4 South American settlements. A super collection of pots and equipment, a few of that have been from the Inca length, had been introduced house.

That South American citizens by no means settled completely at the Galapagos is, in keeping with Mr Heyerdahl, defined through a brand new and essential discovery that balsa picket rafts of the Kon-Tiki sort had been manoeuvrable in order that a go back adventure used to be imaginable. When he set out on his first expedition Mr Heyerdahl believed that the raft used to be pressured to apply the winds and currents, however he has now been in a position to turn out in my opinion that rafts can cruise nearly like an odd sailing-boat.

The Kon-Tiki raft used to be built in line with outdated designs and supplied with one pair of centreboards ahead, one pair aft, and one pair amidships, however the centreboards weren’t – as Mr Heyerdahl first believed – supposed best to secure the raft. Through elevating or reducing the entrance or rear centre-boards and adjusting the sail, route might be modified with out the usage of oars or rudder. This technique used to be utilized by Indians till fifty years in the past however has since been forgotten and Mr Heyerdahl were given to learn about it unintentionally. This time he sailed out on a brand new raft from the Ecuador coast in a beneficial wind however had no problem in returning to his starting-point.

Still from Kon-Tiki film, 2012.

Nonetheless from Kon-Tiki movie, 2012. : Exposure symbol from movie corporate

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