LSU football players share 'Get the Gat' dance video from their White House visit

Remaining month, LSU football players started using the song “Get the Gat,” by Lil ELT, in videos they shared on social media.

Asked about the videos at media day before the national championship game, Ja’Marr Chase said they were a fun way to connect with fans.

“People just enjoy seeing us having fun, and that’s how we got people to have fun with us,” Chase said.

After beating Clemson on Monday night, the team posted its own video under the chatter, “Get the Nat.” (Warning: NSFW language in the video.)

The team didn’t stop there, with players making another video during their Friday visit to the White House. As soon as posted to TikTok, the video unfold on social media, producing loads of 1000’s of perspectives.

And via the way in which, the thriller lady who seems in the beginning of the video? That is Gemi Bordelon, spouse of former LSU offensive guard Ben Bordelon. She was once known on-line via her daughter.

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