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Internet meets tornado. Guess who wins?

IT pilot fish residing simply out of doors a small rural the town is not precisely swimming in web choices: There is no broadband, and the native telephone corporate would possibly not provide DSL to fish’s house.

“That left dial-up — till I came upon WiMax, which allowed line-of-site connection by way of a directional antenna at the space roof pointed to a transmitter at the town water tower 5 miles away,” says fish.

“This labored nice, and with UPSes, the entire PCs and community apparatus had been secure from the more than a few energy outages, energy spikes and brownouts that got here our means on a relatively steady foundation.”

However one night time there is a not-so-regular prevalence: A twister roars via and tears issues up. After the typhoon, fish discovers that his energy traces are down and the WiMax directional antenna has been relocated from the roof to a close-by tree limb.

As soon as fish will get a possibility to take stock of the wear, he notes that the UPSes are operating as designed, so the PCs nonetheless have energy.

And as he is going from PC to PC, shutting them down gracefully prior to the usbatteries drain and the PCs crash, fish notices one thing else: The PCs also are nonetheless getting web, regardless that it is intermittent.

Then he discovers that whilst the directional antenna has been blown off his roof, it nonetheless has energy via its UPS and the community cable is undamaged. Outcome: There may be an web connection so long as the wind does not blow the tree limb sufficient to transport the antenna out of alignment.

“I did not have any energy for 3 days till the facility corporate was once in a position to revive the traces,” fish says. “However I had web, on and off, all of the time.”

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