In ‘Here We Are,’ Booker Prize winner Graham Swift casts a spell

Graham Swift isn’t any not unusual side road performer — he gained the Booker Prize in 1996 — however he appreciates the transcendent artistry of small works completely carried out. His narrow new novel, “Right here We Are,” transports us to a beach theater in Brighton, England, throughout the summer time of 1959. It’s about younger love and the little acts of probability and villainy that realign lives.

The theater is not anything particular, Swift assures us, simply a wide range display wearing jugglers and plate-spinners, singers and ventriloquists. However the guy who holds the reins is a speeding younger emcee named Jack Robinson. The target market has the impact “that it was once his display,” Swift writes. “They got here to be taken beneath his wing and it wouldn’t were the similar with out him. Your friend for the night time, your host with probably the most. Off level he’d say he was once simply the oil within the wheels — the oilier the simpler.” That’s now not a nasty description of this trendy narrator, too, who assists in keeping the tale sliding alongside so briefly that you simply’ll slightly understand his sleight of hand.

It’s Jack’s concept to offer his previous military friend, Ronnie, a ruin. Ronnie — identified professionally as “Pablo” — has an outstanding magic act. Along with his red-lined black cape, white gloves and “daring fluid actions,” he seems like “Rely Dracula’s little brother.” What he wishes, regardless that, is a horny assistant, and as success would have it, Evie is the one person who solutions his advert. “They have been a herbal pair,” Swift writes. “The methods have been just right, however she was once the most productive trick of the lot.” He runs swords via Evie; he makes her levitate; he makes her disappear — and reappear. “The act had develop into a fluid phenomenon, but stuffed with exciting rigidity. You by no means knew what would possibly occur subsequent. This in itself turned into a part of the appeal.” The target market at the pier is going loopy for the 2 of them. The native paper says they’ve “taken Brighton by means of hurricane.”

Even though they’re all pals that summer time — “a lopsided trio” — Ronnie and Evie’s magic act would possibly also be extra fashionable than Jack himself. After all, as emcee, Jack doesn’t thoughts; the good fortune of the display is all that issues. However deficient Evie reveals her affections sawed in part.

Beginning with that ambiguous identify, “Right here We Are” is a unique concerning the interaction of level magic and lifestyles’s methods. Like Anne Enright’s “Actress,” which was once printed previous this 12 months, Swift explores the stress between character and personality, the stress of keeping up private and non-private personalities. Actors, no less than, have a certified excuse; the remainder of us, he suggests, carry out unfastened, donning one dress and function after every other. The difficulty is we hardly ever admit it.

5 pages into “Right here We Are,” Swift is already shedding clues about what’s forward for those summer time pals. “Ronnie and Evie,” he writes, “having had a exceptional debut, coming from nowhere to succeed in summer time status and having secured for themselves, it might appear, long term reserving, even an entire profession, by no means gave the impression on level once more. Ronnie by no means gave the impression once more in any respect.”

If this have been a tweedy English thriller, the magician’s frame would wash up on shore at the closing day of summer time. However Swift is pursuing subtler crimes and bigger mysteries. He has a penchant for long-festering secrets and techniques that warp lives. Certainly, his 2007 novel, “Day after today,” was once a ludicrous fever dream of hid knowledge. Right here, thankfully, Swift will get the tone excellent, and the magician’s act supplies a wry context for Ronnie’s disappearance.

However the actual magic is also the best way Swift strikes via time. Flashbacks unveil younger Ronnie’s magical youth throughout International Battle II, when London shipped kids out into the geographical region for protection. And different sections soar forward part a century to turn Evie’s retirement within the early 21th century.

Then and now, such a lot relies on the alchemy of success and need. With a sigh, Swift captures the tragicomedy of human lifestyles in one word: “The issues that we do.” Ahead of we understand it, right here we’re, having a look again on lives that can by no means give their secrets and techniques away.

Right here We Are

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