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‘He has the traits of a psychopath’: the inside story of the parachute murder plot

Every 12 months, hundreds of folks go an merchandise off their bucket checklist via jumping out of an aeroplane above Netheravon airfield’s extensive, flat grass undeniable. It’s the biggest parachute drop zone in the United Kingdom, however unremarkable to have a look at: navy land, little greater than two blue and white Cessnas ready to take off, a couple of billowing orange windsocks and a few picnic tables. There’s a huge khaki hangar with a corrugated iron roof. That is the place the package room is, the place the bathrooms are, and the place Emile Cilliers attempted to escape with murdering his spouse.

On Saturday four April 2015, he took Victoria Cilliers’ parachute rig into the bathrooms and sabotaged it. The next day to come, Easter Sunday, Vicky leapt from some of the Cessnas and fell like a rag doll beneath her flailing cover, four,000ft (1,200m) to the bottom at 60mph, to what must were her loss of life: the primary folks at the scene had been so positive of it that they introduced a frame bag. However she used to be discovered alive, with a damaged backbone, fractured ribs and a shattered pelvis, surviving simplest as a result of her small body had landed in a comfortable, newly ploughed box.

It used to be Cilliers’ 2nd try to kill Vicky in lower than every week. But it surely took two felony trials to end up it, or even after Cilliers used to be discovered responsible of 2 counts of tried homicide in Might, and given a existence sentence with a minimal time period of 18 years in June, the sufferer herself says she refuses to consider her husband attempted to kill her. When any individual survives an strive on their existence, it must be an enormous benefit for the police investigation. However Vicky Cilliers’ survival made it tough to prosecute; Emile Cilliers used to be convicted despite her proof, reasonably than as a result of it.

Why did a 38-year-old military officer wish to kill his spouse, the mum of his infant and new child child? Why do it in any such far-fetched, difficult method? And the way shut did he come to getting away with it?

Emile Cilliers

Emile Cilliers organized the leap as ‘a deal with’ for Victoria simply weeks after she gave beginning to their 2nd kid. He had first added her to his existence insurance coverage, giving her the utmost quilt. : Getty Photographs

Mark Bayada is bored to death with answering questions. The manager teacher and boss of the Military Parachute Affiliation, which runs Netheravon, Bayada has spent 3 years being wondered about that Easter weekend, first via the police, then all over cross-examination via defence barristers in two successive trials (the primary collapsed when two individuals of the jury needed to be disregarded with stress-related sickness). I’m the primary journalist he has agreed to talk to. He cares about getting issues proper, right down to the remaining element – that’s what makes him just right at his task – however he has been floor down via being interrogated for days on finish. Nonetheless, if it weren’t for him, the tried homicide of Victoria Cilliers would by no means were regarded as a criminal offense in any respect: it used to be his resolution to name the police, at a time when everybody else assumed she were injured in a freak parachuting coincidence.

“I’m the joys police,” he says, deadpan, as he leads me within the hangar. “It’s my task to offer protection to folks from themselves.” Parachuting has been Bayada’s existence since his first leap in 1992. He’s ex-military and appears it, with a greying grade one haircut and beard, and light tattoos peeking out of the sleeves of his T-shirt; he has the tanned pores and skin of any individual who’s happiest outdoor. The hangar is an infinite area stuffed with infantrymen studying to land on blue crashmats (on weekends, and likely afternoons, it’s open to the general public, and any individual can leap right here). He displays me to the package room, the place greater than 100 parachute rigs grasp on neat steel racks able to move, organised consistent with the load and degree of enjoy of the jumper who may use them. Then he issues out “the scary rest room” the place Cilliers disappeared with Vicky’s rig, and “the scary locker” the place he stashed it in a single day.

Vicky used to be a Netheravon common, an sped up freefall (AFF) teacher with 2,654 jumps to her title. She used to be skilled to take care of out of keep an eye on, green jumpers, and used to be in a position to chase them across the sky all over freefall, catch them and get them in the appropriate place mid-air. “An actual, hardcore ability,” Bayada says, solemnly.

She labored as a physiotherapist for the Ministry of Defence, and met Cilliers, an teacher within the Royal Military Bodily Coaching Corps initially from South Africa, when she handled him for a snowboarding harm. Via April 2015, they’d been married 4 years and lived in Amesbury, a 10-minute power from the airfield, with their three-year-old daughter and five-week-old son. Bayada says he knew them each simplest in a qualified capability; having sat thru each trials he now is aware of some distance an excessive amount of about their private lives.

Victoria Cilliers

Victoria Cilliers struggled to just accept that her husband attempted to kill her. : Solent Information & Photograph Company

It used to be Cilliers who had organized Vicky’s leap that weekend, her first for almost a 12 months, telling her it used to be a deal with after having their child. He introduced each their new child and their 3 12 months outdated alongside to observe their mom leap. He presented to assemble a parachute from the package retailer, after which disappeared into the bathroom with it, claiming later that he simplest did so as a result of his daughter wanted the john and he didn’t wish to depart Vicky’s rig unattended. As Bayada issues out, everybody leaves their package out within the hangar; it might be absurd to take a 3 12 months outdated into the tiny rest room cubicle with a bulky parachute in your again. As soon as it used to be determined that the elements used to be too dangerous for any individual to leap at the Saturday, Cilliers didn’t go back the rig to the package retailer like everybody else; he stashed it in Vicky’s locker.

The elements used to be nonetheless deficient on Easter Sunday, and via the afternoon Vicky and the 11 others because of leap along with her had been getting stressed. At 4pm they determined to do a “hop and pa” – a low-altitude leap the place they’d open their parachutes inside seconds of having out of the aircraft – at four,000ft, because the cloud quilt used to be too low to move any upper. Vicky used to be excited to be again within the sky, fist-bumping the others within the aircraft. She used to be the remaining of the 12 to make the leap.

Nearly once Bayada reached her at the floor, he spotted peculiar issues about her package. “The entire strains on one aspect of the parachute had been twisted up,” he says. “After we lifted her directly to the stretcher to place her into the helicopter, some of the paramedics requested if any individual may just glance beneath to ensure no strains had been nonetheless hooked up. That’s the primary time I appeared on the apparatus correctly, and I may just see the 2 ends of the risers at the reserve parachute had been unattached.” Bayada didn’t are aware of it then, however Cilliers had knotted Vicky’s primary cover and got rid of essential portions of the reserve: the comfortable hyperlinks, or slinks, that attach the harness to the parachute, had been absent.

Skydiving suits hanging up at Netheravon airfield

Skydiving fits at Netheravon airfield. : Jon Tonks for the Mum or dad

Bayada takes me thru the entirety he appeared for within the package Vicky left at the back of: he had attempted to seek out unfastened sewing within the harness or cover; bunching at the straps to turn that they had been beneath any power; residues, burn marks, anything else to indicate the slinks were there and by hook or by crook come away. However he may just in finding not anything to turn a mechanical fault, and even if Vicky’s reserve parachute had by no means earlier than been deployed, it were inspected 16 occasions via 10 other complex packers over its lifetime, maximum not too long ago two months earlier than Easter Sunday, and every time, the slinks had been there. “None of it added up,” he says.

Studying what had long gone fallacious was an ethical factor for Bayada. He issues to a rack in his administrative center. “That set of apparatus – the gray one’s mine, the only subsequent to it’s my son’s. My entire existence is that this. If one thing has long gone greatly fallacious and the package’s accountable, then it impacts all my buddies, now not simply me professionally.” He pauses. “Phoning the police wasn’t one thing I took calmly. However I completely sought after to grasp.”


Parachuting injuries occur, however they’re strangely uncommon. The British Parachute Affiliation (BPA), the game’s nationwide governing frame, estimates there have been 2.3m recreation jumps within the 10 years earlier than Easter 2015. Of the ones, there have been 2,900 circumstances the place the reserve parachute needed to be deployed, and now not a unmarried incident the place there used to be additionally an issue with the reserve. In line with the BPA, the one recognized example of each a primary and reserve failing to function used to be relating to Stephen Hilder.

Hilder, a 20-year-old officer cadet, fell 13,000ft to his loss of life on four July 2003 in Hibaldstow in Lincolnshire. Somebody had minimize the risers on his reserve, and the police to start with introduced a homicide inquiry, earlier than concluding 10 months later that his loss of life used to be more than likely a suicide: no DNA rather then his personal used to be discovered on his package, and the scissors used to chop the risers had been discovered within the boot of his automobile. It’s a tale that each critical skydiver is aware of, and one Cilliers alluded to all over his trial: he prompt his spouse may have attempted to kill herself.

The coroner in Hilder’s case returned an open verdict, and plenty of within the skydiving group have lengthy rejected the concept that Hilder supposed to kill himself; it’s extensively believed that he used to be murdered. “There were various suicides over time parachuting,” says Jeff Bernard Law Montgomery, the BPA’s protection and technical officer. However “Stephen Hilder did the entirety to take a look at and save his existence: he went to function the primary however not anything took place, after which he operated his reserve. If you wish to kill your self, you don’t attempt to save your existence.”

The skydiving group is small. Each Bernard Law Montgomery and Bayada knew the Cilliers for years, however not one of the skilled skydivers I discuss to turns out to have recognized them really well. Bernard Law Montgomery is a standard jumper at Netheravon and has been on workouts in a foreign country with Vicky. “She used to be courting Emile and after they married I’d had some kind of dealings with him, ‘Hello, how are you doing,’ all that kind of stuff. He stored himself to himself. I don’t keep in mind pondering there used to be anything else extraordinary about him.”

Parachute harnesses at Netheravon

Parachute harnesses at Netheravon. Within the 10 years earlier than 2015, there have been 2,900 incidents in Britain during which a reserve parachute needed to be deployed; there have been none during which it additionally failed. : Jon Tonks for the Mum or dad

“Such things as this simply don’t occur right here,” says DI Paul Franklin of Wiltshire police, who led the investigation. “Those are common folks with common jobs who are living in a pleasant area in a pleasant a part of the rustic.”

“Two-point-four youngsters, nuclear circle of relatives,” DC Maddie Hennah provides. “They appeared completely standard. From the outdoor, anyway.”

I meet Franklin, Hennah and their colleague DS Mark Lewis at Melksham Police Divisional HQ, on an business property surrounded via fields. They’re smiling and comfy. It’s every week after Cilliers has been discovered responsible, and they’re visibly relieved to have cracked a once-in-a-career case.

But it surely didn’t really feel like a felony case in the beginning. After Bayada’s name, Franklin despatched an officer to the health facility to invite Vicky questions whilst the BPA took a 2nd take a look at her parachute, however they didn’t be expecting a lot. “We concept they’d come again with some mechanical reason why – very unhappy, very sorry, however not anything fallacious right here. It bumbled alongside for a few days.”

Then they were given a telephone name from certainly one of Vicky’s buddies. “They mentioned one thing wasn’t proper, that the connection between Victoria and Emile used to be slightly poisonous,” Hennah tells me. “It used to be a few weeks earlier than I used to be in reality in a position to get a commentary, however when we were given it, issues took an overly other flip.”

The pal mentioned Vicky used to be locked in a coercive dating with Cilliers. “There have been home abuse problems inside the dating that weren’t evident from the outdoor,” Franklin says. “We’re now not taking about black eyes and bruises, we’re speaking about unseen stuff.” The abuse adopted a normal trend, Hennah explains. “You deal with anyone like a princess, and then you definately do one thing in reality unacceptable and underhand, however whilst you get came upon you deal with them like a princess once more. The lady assists in keeping pondering, he’s handled me in reality neatly, I’ll let him off with that one. After which it occurs once more. It turns into that she is so squashed via it that she simply accepts that that’s what existence is.”

Then the BPA showed Bayada’s findings, that there used to be no mechanical reason why for the failure of Victoria’s parachute. On the identical time, there have been no fingerprints or DNA at the parachute linking it to Cilliers, and allegations of a poisonous dating aren’t sufficient to convict a person of tried homicide. The investigation hinged on what Franklin calls “out of date detective paintings” to ascertain that Cilliers, who gave the impression each inch the accountable military guy, had the inducement and disposition to do one thing this preposterous.

On 28 April 2015, Hennah went to arrest Cilliers in his barracks in Aldershot. He had a glass-sided administrative center that appeared out over the health club the place he labored as a bodily coaching teacher, and Hennah used to be with navy particular department when she searched it and took him into custody. When she instructed him she used to be arresting him on suspicion of tried homicide, he made no objection. He didn’t react in any respect. He didn’t desire a solicitor.

Hennah interrogated him for 6 hours that night. “He used to be very, very confident,” she says. He printed that he used to be having an affair with Stefanie Goller, an Austrian skydiving teacher he’d met on Tinder whilst in a foreign country on a military snowboarding commute. He admitted he used to be in debt to payday mortgage firms. He additionally volunteered the truth that he had disappeared to the bathrooms for some time at the Saturday afternoon. He presented up each a purpose and a way of homicide, as though he had been untouchable. “He used to be very artful: he coated all of the issues he knew we had been going to find from taking a look at his telephone. He assumed we had been going to just accept what he used to be announcing, and that he’d by no means see us once more.”

It were a gruelling day, specifically for any individual who must be being worried about his severely injured spouse. On the finish of the interview, Hennah requested him if he had anything else to mention. “He mentioned, ‘The worst section about as of late used to be that you simply arrested me in entrance of my subordinates.’” Hennah’s eyes are vast at the back of her glasses. “At that time I will keep in mind pondering, this guy’s atypical.”

The simpler they were given to grasp Cilliers, the extra that roughly reaction made sense. “He shows all of the characteristics of a psychopath,” Franklin says. “Psychopath, sociopath, narcissist, excessive selfishness. He simplest cares about himself.”

About 1% of the inhabitants is assumed to have psychopathic characteristics, characterized via egotism, a loss of regret and shortage of empathy. Whilst psychopathy is thought of as a character dysfunction, and will pass a way in opposition to explaining why Cilliers tried to homicide his spouse in such an elaborate method, it isn’t a mitigating issue and will’t be used as a defence; as Franklin says, “He’s now not mentally sick, that’s simply his personality.”

After they had established it, the police used it to their benefit: they took recommendation from the Nationwide Crime Company on the most productive techniques to forestall him derailing long run interviews. “He’s like a political candidate: you’d ask a query and he wouldn’t come up with an instantaneous solution,” Hennah tells me. “He’d lead off elsewhere that you simply’d suppose sounded in reality attention-grabbing.” They made a concerted effort to not fall for his distractions.

Whilst Hennah used to be arresting Cilliers, DS Lewis used to be informing Vicky that her husband used to be their primary suspect. She used to be on my own along with her infant and child, and glued in a frame brace. The scoop devastated her. She didn’t perceive why the bail stipulations averted him from returning to the circle of relatives house, Lewis tells me. She simply sought after him again.

Cilliers’ telephone became out to be a treasure trove for the investigation. It were lower than six months since he’d met Goller, however the two had controlled to replace 32,00zero messages all over that point. He’d instructed her he had a closely pregnant spouse however insisted it used to be any other guy’s child; after the beginning he falsely claimed to have had a DNA check proving he wasn’t the daddy of his new child son. “To be with you I’d do anything else,” he instructed Goller. “I will be able to sacrifice and surrender such a lot for you… From April onwards I will do random and spontaneous.”

Austrian skydiving instructor Stefanie Goller

Cilliers met Austrian skydiving teacher Stefanie Goller on Tinder and instructed her his youngest son used to be any other guy’s kid. : Pixel

However Goller wasn’t the one individual Cilliers used to be messaging. He used to be drowsing together with his ex-wife, Carly Cilliers, mom to 2 of his older youngsters. Carly lived lower than a mile clear of him and Vicky in Amesbury; the 2 households shared childcare. He used to be additionally a member of a web page known as Fabswingers, the place he attached with companions for informal intercourse, in addition to frequently looking for intercourse staff on Adultwork.

“He may have a dialog together with his spouse about choosing up the kids or a little of buying groceries similtaneously arranging to satisfy any individual he is aware of from Fabswingers for some weekend amusing, and ringing any individual from Adultwork to look if they’re to be had,” Franklin says. “3 completely separate conversations on the identical time, controlled in any such method that there used to be by no means a fallacious telephone name to the fallacious individual. While you see that repeated continuously for years, you notice what sort of individual he used to be.”

The police had been in a position to ascertain that Cilliers used to be £22,00zero in debt, however they believe the actual overall used to be some distance upper; he moved cash round his many accounts each day, weaving a internet that used to be virtually unattainable for monetary investigators to unpick. He owed cash to payday lenders, former paintings colleagues and his spouse: over their seven-year dating she had lent him greater than £19,00zero, which he used to be intended to pay again with a standard status order, however regularly didn’t. After he helped himself to £6,00zero from her financial savings account, he claimed her account were hacked. The financial institution investigated, and traced the IP cope with used within the transaction to the circle of relatives’s house pc.

Cilliers were cautious to put money into Vicky’s existence insurance coverage: he had added her to his personal military coverage and made positive she had the utmost imaginable quilt. He didn’t know that this could be all he used to be in line to obtain within the tournament of her loss of life: acutely aware of his spending issues, she had minimize him out of her will in past due 2014, leaving the entirety to their two youngsters.

Franklin and Lewis went to talk over with Vicky once more. They instructed her simplest that her husband used to be having an affair, that he had supposed to depart her for his lover, and that he had denied their son used to be his. “I assumed that might be sufficient for her to look that there used to be one thing severely fallacious and he or she had to take a step again, agree with the police and settle for he couldn’t come house,” Franklin says. It labored – for that night, a minimum of. That used to be when she instructed them concerning the fuel leak.

One morning six days earlier than the parachute leap, Vicky smelled fuel in her kitchen. Cilliers wasn’t house: he’d left his circle of relatives asleep upstairs to spend the evening at his barracks (he instructed Vicky he’d sought after to steer clear of the early morning visitors, however had in reality spent the night together with his ex-wife, texting his female friend after which contacting prostitutes). Vicky checked the fuel valve within the kitchen cabinet subsequent to the oven and noticed blood on it. She messaged Cilliers, asking if he’d touched it. “Are you seeking to bump me off?” she joked. Cilliers admonished her for suggesting it. However forensic exam of the valve proved the blood used to be his, and that pressure were used simplest to loosen the valve, and to not tighten it. This used to be the one piece of forensic proof police had that confirmed Cilliers had attempted to kill his spouse. It additionally confirmed he didn’t care if his youngsters had been killed along her.

It used to be greater than two years earlier than the case got here to court docket. It had taken 9 months for the small police staff to buckle down and do the tens of hundreds of pages of information they’d extracted from Cilliers’ telephone. It then took any other 9 months for the Crown Prosecution Provider to study the investigation and make a decision the case used to be sturdy sufficient for a practical probability of conviction.

However Vicky sought after to place the occasions of April 2015 at the back of her. By the point she gave proof on the first trial, she used to be not cooperating with the investigation. She instructed the court docket she’d exaggerated in her preliminary statements to the police, that Emile were within the bathrooms with the parachute for simplest 5 mins, now not 10. “I made it sound worse than it used to be as a result of I used to be humiliated. I sought after him to undergo,” she mentioned.


There have been no buddies or circle of relatives in court docket supporting Cilliers all over both trial, no personality witnesses to problem the prosecution’s depiction of him. His military colleagues is not going to touch upon him, aside from to mention he’s been discharged, “in step with standard process when a soldier is sentenced to imprisonment”.

However Nicolene Shepherd is aware of Cilliers neatly. She grew up with him in South Africa, used to be his on-off female friend for 10 years, and is the mum of the oldest two of his six youngsters. They began going out when she used to be 13 and he used to be 17; it used to be Shepherd’s first sexual dating.

“He used to be charismatic and captivating,” she tells me. We discuss over the telephone from her house in Somerset, the place she settled greater than a decade in the past. “He used to be just right taking a look – he had much more hair then. He had those great, inexperienced eyes. A large number of women preferred him.”

They grew up in Ermelo, a small the city east of Johannesburg, the place the church used to be the centre of the group and “everyone knew everyone’s industry”. Cilliers labored for his father’s development corporate and had a variety of disposable money. “He at all times needed to have the newest units. When cellphones first got here out, he used to be the primary to have them.” The Cilliers she knew used to be used to getting no matter he sought after, and used to be at all times in pursuit of his subsequent giant prize, whether or not that used to be an object or a lady.

When Shepherd used to be 16, she gave beginning to their daughter, Cilene, in 2000. She used to be pregnant with their son, Trevor, six months later. Cilliers left South Africa for a operating vacation in England whilst Shepherd used to be pregnant with their son. He promised he’d come again they usually’d be folks in combination, however as a substitute met and married Carly, and joined the military. He left it to his mom to wreck the scoop to Shepherd, then made no try to keep in touch along with her, or their youngsters.

Nicolene Shepherd

Nicolene Shepherd met Cilliers in South Africa when she used to be 13, and had two youngsters with him. : Solent Information & Photograph Company

Shepherd moved to the United Kingdom in March 2004. She had no aim of creating touch with Cilliers, and says she simplest did so in 2006 when Cilene, then six, started asking questions on her father. Via that point, he and Carly had two youngsters of their very own. “When he became up, it used to be all about how he simplest married Carly as a result of his visa used to be working out, and the way he used to be in the course of divorcing her. After which we began reminiscing about outdated occasions. He used to be very captivating,” she says, sheepishly. “We were given again in combination.”

However Cilliers wasn’t in the course of divorcing Carly, as Shepherd came upon when he went to paintings sooner or later and left his telephone in her conservatory, and Carly rang. When the 2 ladies realised that they had been lied to, they determined Shepherd must pass over to Carly’s area so they might confront Cilliers in combination. “If seems may just kill I’d were useless that day,” Shepherd says. “He requested me, in Afrikaans, ‘What the fuck are you doing right here?’”

Their dating ended the similar day, however she says he stored texting her, pestering her to look him once more. She met any other guy, were given married, had 3 extra youngsters and altered her telephone quantity, however Cilliers nonetheless tracked her down on Fb.

“He doesn’t like to learn no,” Shepherd tells me. “He’s used to having his personal method.” She then casually provides a element that turns my abdomen. “I used to be a 16-year-old woman, I’d simply had a C-section, and 10 days later we had been sexually energetic once more as it used to be what he sought after. Taking a look again on that now, I know the way disgusting and threatening this is. Whether or not he didn’t get it or didn’t care, I don’t know. That’s what he sought after in order that’s what he were given.”


Vicky Cilliers used to be provide when her husband used to be sentenced to existence in jail for seeking to kill her and for recklessly endangering their youngsters, however requested that her sufferer affect commentary wasn’t learn out in open court docket. Sufferer affect statements are used to assist a pass judgement on make a decision find out how to sentence a wrongdoer, and whilst the contents of Vicky’s commentary weren’t made public, it’s believed that she attempted to get a extra lenient sentence for her husband. In the meantime, a pre‑sentence document on Cilliers assessed him as posing a top possibility to adults, specifically companions. In sentencing, the pass judgement on, Mr Justice Sweeney, noticed that Vicky gave the impression “to have recovered from the bodily hurt however now not, having noticed her within the witness field at duration, from the mental hurt”.

Within the days instantly after Cilliers used to be discovered responsible, Vicky gave paid interviews to 2 tabloid newspapers and gave the impression on Just right Morning Britain, to mention that she didn’t settle for the decision. She has mentioned not anything since then, and declined to remark for this newsletter.

“I’ve to move, I guess, with the decision,” she mentioned on the time. “It’s virtually like peer power to adapt. My circle of relatives, buddies, everybody turns out to suppose they know greater than I do. They see other proof to me,” she mentioned on the time. “He’d been untrue, he’d had problems with cash, however that’s not tried homicide. Sure, I’m harm and offended, however can I see him as able to homicide? No.” She described Cilliers as “a passionate, intense alpha male solider,” and “a intercourse addict”.

“I don’t suppose it’s habit as such, he simply loves to get what he needs,” Shepherd says. She used to be horrified to find her old flame used to be able to homicide, however now not stunned. “To you and me it’s a existence – to him it’s simply an object, simply one thing in the best way.”

For the police, this is a bittersweet victory: they’ve completed justice for a sufferer who doesn’t in reality need it, in a case that gave the impression virtually too far-fetched to be actual. “It’s like a James Bond, however extra excessive,” Hennah says. “If Mark Bayada hadn’t collected the proof and flagged it up, and if anyone who knew her hadn’t rung us as much as say, one thing’s now not proper right here – he really well can have were given away with it.”

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