Grand Prize Winner Of Pokemon T-Shirt Contest Disqualified

This Monday, the Jap attire store Uniqlo printed the winners in their annual T-Blouse design festival, with 2019’s theme being Pokémon. The winner, Li Wen Pei together with his totem Magikarp and Gyrados design, would see his design in-game as a wearable T-shirt inside the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Defend. On the other hand, following information that Li had in the past made the design for telephone circumstances sooner than the competition, his design has been disqualified.

The competition’s regulations state that submitted designs should be made particularly for the competition, which Li’s design sadly breaches.

Moreover, no different contestants will obtain the grand prize or see their designs in-game. The second one prize remains to be 2nd, 3rd remains to be 3rd, and so forth.

[Source: Uniqlo via Serebii]

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