Fortnite: 9.40 Update Patch Notes

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What is New?[edit]

Tactical Shotgun – Epic & Mythical

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The Tac is again in an all new shape. Drop in and take a look at out the Epic and Mythical variants now!

  • New Epic and Mythical Tactical Shotgun.
    • 83 / 87 most injury.
    • 1.five photographs in line with 2d.
    • Holds Eight shells.
    • Headshot multiplier of two.25.
    • To be had from Flooring Loot, Chests, Provide Drops, Loot Carriers, and Merchandising Machines.
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle now has diminished zoom whilst scoped.
    • It is a High quality of Lifestyles alternate to lend a hand toughen the usability and really feel of this weapon.
  • Fight Shotgun adjustments
    • Lowered Headshot multiplier from 1.7 to one.five.
    • Lowered the lengthy vary effectiveness of the Fight Shotgun
      • Lowered the falloff curve levels from:
        • 2.44 tiles (unchanged)
        • four.88 tiles to four.39 tiles.
        • nine.77 tiles to six.84 tiles.
        • 19.53 tiles to 11.72 tiles.
    • After watching fresh adjustments to wreck falloff, we determined to additional cut back its lengthy vary effectiveness and change the curve to fall slightly extra in step with different shotguns however nonetheless retain its distinctive taste.
  • Vaulted
    • Suppressed Bolt-Motion Sniper Rifle
      • Epic and Mythical variants.
  • Unvaulted
    • Bolt-Motion Sniper Rifle
      • Uncommon, Epic, and Mythical variants.

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Drum Shotgun now has the proper environmental injury falloff.
  • Mounted a computer virus wherein a Release Pad could not be destroyed via a pickaxe.


  • Choosing up an merchandise that fills a stack and creates an overflow will now not end result within the these days supplied merchandise being dropped.
    • As a substitute of inflicting the these days supplied weapon to be dropped, the overflow will probably be dropped.
  • Avid gamers will now routinely pick out up a consumable whether it is already of their stock and now not maxed out.
    • If the car pickup fills a stack, the overflow will probably be dropped.
  • A brand new Glider and Harvesting Software were added for Save the International Founder’s Pack homeowners.

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Mounted a subject involving Provide Drone Bins now not being visual after gamers shoot down the Provide Drone.
  • Provide Drones now not stay desk bound upon getting caught for too lengthy.
  • Modified Invert Airplane Keyboard Controls to Invert Airborne Keyboard Controls within the Choices menu to replicate the truth that airborne land cars controls turn into inverted within the air.
  • Mounted some edge circumstances involving injury quantity show rounding down for some shotgun hits.
  • Blueprint doorways now persistently render when gamers are construction.
  • Avid gamers can now pick out up pieces extra simply when status on most sensible of them.
  • Foot controllers now correctly permit gamers to rotate the following and former weapon.
  • Trees now not block gamers from being healed via a Chug Splash.
  • If a participant the use of a Shadow Bomb enters a automobile, the Shadow Bomb impact will now not stay lively after the impact must have ended.
  • The Chug Splash now correctly auto-sorts to the rightmost stock slot when picked up, like different consumables.
  • Mounted a subject wherein gamers would enjoy abnormally sluggish gliding after the use of a Rift-to-Cross.
  • Consumables related to a bar (Defend Potion, Med Package, and so forth.) at the moment are persistently usable via gamers using a Zipline.
  • Mounted a unprecedented factor involving Shadow Bombs now not bearing in mind wall jumps at sure angles.
  • Avid gamers can now not wall soar off of the corn fields whilst the use of a Shadow Bomb.
  • Avid gamers can now not wall soar off of Slipstreams whilst the use of a Shadow Bomb.
  • Mounted a subject wherein the rings for Fortbytes four, 67, 70, and 89 would now not seem even if the participant was once dressed in the proper beauty.
  • To stop gamers from exploiting the Deep Dab emote, it now has a lengthen earlier than gamers are in a position to shoot after beginning it.
  • Mounted a subject wherein injury achieved to shields was once inflicting the VFX to seem better than customary, blockading participant’s imaginative and prescient.
  • Foot Controller beef up enhancements
    • Converted to make use of lifeless zone and max throttle finish issues.
    • Higher automobile controls for Quad Crasher.


  • New Match: Xbox Cup (July 20th & 21st) [$1,000,000 in Cash Prizes!]
    • Solo Recreation Mode
    • This match is open to all gamers on Xbox One and does now not require attaining any department in Area.
    • The prize pool will probably be dispensed throughout all server areas, with reliable regulations and main points launched later this week. Test the match throughout the recreation consumer for precise occasions.
    • Structure:
      • July 20th – Spherical One: All Eligible Avid gamers
      • July 21st – Spherical Two: Best 1500 Avid gamers from Spherical One
  • Avid gamers can now select a flag to show on their occupation profile.
    • This flag will also be decided on and adjusted from a participant’s profile.
    • After converting or deciding on their flag, gamers can’t alternate flags once more for 30 days.
    • A participant’s flag is visual to others when visiting a participant’s profile and on match leaderboards.
    • For groups of 2 or extra gamers, the flag selected via nearly all of the group will probably be displayed. If there is not any majority, the globe flag will probably be displayed.
    • We’re launching with an preliminary set of 37 general flags. Any further flags added someday will probably be introduced in long term updates.


  • Stepped forward server efficiency of Zipline.
  • Stepped forward consumer efficiency of Chug Jug.
  • Optimized the way in which pickaxes are spawned to cut back the risk of loading problems throughout the preliminary skydive touchdown.
  • Stepped forward enemy footstep quantity consistency, and adjusted quantity falloff to logarithmic to make the sound diminish extra naturally.
  • Diminished quantity of a couple of sounds:
    • Chug Splash explosion.
    • Proximity Launcher explosion.
    • Ambient hum of the Slipstream platforms.
  • Added a wall affect audio layer for shut quarters struggle as an extra caution that an enemy is capturing a construction you are at the reverse facet of.

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Picket/stone/steel bullet affects are now not silent on Cell/Transfer.
  • Revolver equip sound is now not silent on Cell/Transfer.
  • Get away Menu & Social Panel updates:
    • The enter motion that may carry up both the Get away Menu or Social Panel will now carry up either one of them within the foyer and whilst in a fit.
    • A 3rd tab has been added to the Social Panel. It comprises all voice chat-related functionalities.
    • The Get away Menu and Best Bar won a visible replace.
  • Added new Edit From Contact environment to permit/disable enhancing from touches (defaulted to enabled).
  • Bluetooth microphones were enabled to beef up voice chat.
  • The emote wheel buttons at the moment are larger.

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Air Strike photographs now not create massive polygonal outlines.
  • Mounted a subject involving Pump and Fight Shotguns now not appropriately firing whilst Auto-Fireplace is chosen.
  • Resolved voice chat problems when becoming a member of any other participant’s birthday party.
  • The chest situated within the Neo Tilted lodge is now openable.
  • Reside spectating on cellular will show the spectator’s UI.
  • Avid gamers now not stay logged into their account once they shut the sport.
  • Pockets within the Lifetime Refund Display will now appropriately show.
  • Leaving the Display Lend a hand open within the Heat Up degree would possibly not motive the Button to stay provide throughout the fit.
  • The “Match Area” textual content within the Compete tab is larger.
  • Map Marker HUD Structure would possibly not be displayed when within the Fight Bus.
  • Emote HUD Structure will probably be displayed simplest in cars the place it’s imaginable to emote.
  • Avid gamers will be capable of rotate cosmetics when the use of a touchpad.
  • The right kind SFX will probably be performed when equipping the Revolver.
  • Graphical growth at the Surprise outfit whilst enjoying the Llama Bell emote.
  • Typhoon Eye Glider and Typhoon Bolt Harvesting Software will show correct VFX.
  • Graphical growth of the Flutter outfit.
  • Graphical growth at the String Lighting contrail.
  • Lantern contrail will show correctly in-game.

What is New?[edit]

Kevin’s Floating Island

  • Construct a floating castle on a brand new island! Kevin is again.

Ball Spawner

Play ball! Upload physics-based balls in your international to create a complete slew of recent recreation sorts and participant interactions.

Extra Channels To Triggers & Receivers

  • The choice of channels for Triggers & Receivers were larger so you’ll be able to automate much more mayhem for your maps.


Trojan horse Fixes

  • Revealed islands now not rotate 180 levels at the mini-map inflicting the lighting fixtures to be inconsistent.


  • Up to date My Island settings
    • Added new method to Surroundings Harm
      • Participant Constructed Most effective – throughout a recreation, gamers can injury player-built constructions (wooden, stone, steel) which were constructed throughout map advent whilst in a recreation.
    • Added Construction Harm choice
      • Determines who has the power to wreck player-built constructions constructed throughout a recreation.
      • All, Self Constructed, Workforce Constructed, Enemy Constructed, Enemy & Self Constructed, None (Default: All)
    • Added new choices to Max Sources

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Participant-built constructions will also be edited previous to hanging when Surroundings Harm settings are lively.
  • Avid gamers will now not enjoy soar fatigue when the Soar Fatigue environment is ready to Off.
  • Unmanned cars will now not segment thru gadgets.

Recognized Factor

  • Cash accrued throughout a recreation don’t seem whilst in Create mode throughout the similar Ingenious consultation.
    • The cash stay interactable and seem in next recreation begins.
  • New Epic and Mythical Tactical Shotgun.
    • 83 / 87 most injury.
    • 1.five photographs in line with 2d.
    • Holds Eight shells.
    • Headshot multiplier of two.25.

Ingenious Equipment + Telephone[edit]

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Geyser from the Air Vent Gallery can now be interacted with appropriately when the use of the Telephone.

Prefabs & Galleries[edit]

  • Added the Kevin Crater to the Air Vent Gallery.
  • Added Ice Cream to the Consumables Gallery.
  • Added the Football Function to the Sports activities Gallery.
  • Added the Pizza Pete Image Body and Picket Shavings to the No Collision Gallery.
  • Added an extra tree to the Haunted Hills Nature Gallery.
  • Added Blue Counters to the Diners Prop Gallery.
  • Added extra Floor Flooring to Grass & Filth Galleries A & B.
  • Added extra Sidewalks to Side road Gallery B.

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Citadel Banners can as soon as once more be destroyed whilst Surroundings Harm is OFF.
  • Mounted the trash bag from clipping throughout the Paradise Fingers steps.
  • Trees within the Indestructible Gallery are now not destroyed via participant construction.
  • Well being bar now not seems when copying the Bush within the Wilderness Nature Gallery.
  • The Pueblo Trio Prefab now has the proper grid placement.
  • The Kevin Dice Gallery now has two other Dice variations.
  • Changed some ceiling tiles within the Mega Mall Prefab.
  • Mounted Cliff Gallery property that have been auto-destroying themselves when exiting the Telephone.
  • Prefab Grenades now explode on affect as a substitute of bouncing.


  • Larger the choice of to be had Cause channels to 24 and the choice of to be had Receivers to 30.
  • Added Ball Spawner software.
    • Spawns a ball with physics houses.
    • Dimension: Units the scale of the ball being spawned.
      • Small, Medium, Massive, Tremendous (Default: Medium)
    • Sort: Units the bodily houses of the ball.
      • Default, Gentle, Heavy, Slick, Recreation.
    • Participant Pressure Multiplier: Determines how a lot pressure the participant will observe when hitting the ball.
      • None, Low, Medium, Top (Default: Medium)
    • Participant Knockback Quantity: Determines how a lot pressure will probably be implemented to the participant when they’re hit via the ball.
      • None, Low, Medium, Top (Default: None)
    • Respawn Prolong: Determines how lengthy the software will wait earlier than spawning a brand new ball after the former one has been destroyed.
      • None, zero.five seconds, 1 2d, 2 seconds, three seconds, five seconds (Default three seconds)
    • Gravity: Determines whether or not the ball is suffering from gravity.
    • Get rid of Participant When Touched: Controls whether or not a participant is eradicated when the ball touches them.
  • Added Prop-O-Matic Supervisor software.
    • Controls Prop-O-Matic conduct and Prop Hunt recreation and UI settings.
    • Display Props Closing: Sure, No
    • Prop Ping Frequency: Determines the duration of time between compelled audio pings from gamers hidden as props.
      • Off, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds (Default: 15 seconds
  • Upload new choices to Participant Spawn Tool.
    • Enabled All over Section: Determines when the software is lively.
      • Disabled, Enabled, Heat-Up Most effective, Gameplay Most effective (Default: Enabled)
    • Added Receivers to Disable and Allow the software.
  • Added new choices to the Explosive Tool – the next choices observe simplest to Badge taste Well being Bars.
    • Workforce Visibility: Determines which groups can see the software’s Well being Bar.
      • Any, 1-16, All Antagonistic, All Impartial, All Pleasant (Default: Any)
    • Pleasant Icon Textual content: Determines the textual content this is displayed at the Well being Bar if the software is regarded as pleasant.
    • Impartial Icon Textual content: Determines the textual content this is displayed at the Well being Bar if the software is regarded as impartial.
    • Enemy Icon Textual content: Determines the textual content this is displayed at the Well being Bar if the software is regarded as a adversarial.
    • HUD Textual content Dimension: Determines the scale of the Icon Textual content/Well being Price displayed.
      • 1x, 1.5x, 2x (Default: 1x)
  • Added new method to Seize House Tool.
    • Participant Seize Merchandise Filter out: Determines whether or not a participant calls for the registered merchandise of their stock so as to rating issues via status within the Seize House.
    • On, Off (Default: Off)
    • Most effective related when Participant Seize is On.
  • Added method to Allow/Disable the Floor Fog particle impact.
  • Modified the default choice for Grant on Respawn within the Workforce Settings Tool to OFF in order that via default it’ll now not take away all pieces from a participant’s stock once they respawn.

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Making use of settings to a Participant Spawn software now not prevents gamers from spawning at the plate correctly.
  • The Fixed Turret software would possibly not damage the connected flooring after a recreation, which might once in a while motive mass island destruction when the Turret was once on a flooring piece offering crucial structural beef up.
  • Items will now not disappear when returning to the Hub then going again into an island.
  • Mounted problems with the Beacon Tool:
    • Beacon now hides appropriately throughout pre-game segment if set to Gameplay Most effective.
    • Beacon now hides appropriately after recreation finish.
    • Goal Units set to Workforce 16 will now damage different Goal Units inside their blast radius.
    • Mounted plenty of problems related to the Prop-O-Matic.
    • Prop orientation for the disguised participant must now fit the orientation observed via different gamers.
    • Avid gamers can now not develop into floating islands the use of the Prop-O-Matic.
    • Switching guns whilst an object is highlighted with the Prop-O-Matic now not reasons the article to stay highlighted after the transfer.
    • The ‘Go out’ UI recommended will now be displayed whilst in prop mode.
    • Mounted a subject the place unsuitable button activates can be proven when disguised in Fly Mode on cellular units.
    • Right kind well being values will probably be displayed when reworking into sure props.
    • Disguised gamers will stay visual if their prop was once destroyed via an Explosive Tool.
    • Bush consumable now not stays visual when a participant transforms right into a prop.
    • The ‘Lock in Position’ button recommended now not seems as ‘Unbound’ on consoles and cellular.
    • Avid gamers can now not grow to be into the Goal Dummy Monitor or Automobile Spawner units with the Prop-O-Matic.
    • The Prop-O-Matic now has the proper choice of rarity stars.
    • Mounted a subject on cellular units the place the Telephone Software UI would seem when a disguised participant was once hit via a Boogie Bomb.
    • Avid gamers can grow to be into massive props from any standpoint.
    • Asymmetric terrain now not prevents gamers from turning into sure props.
    • Mounted a subject the place gamers would jitter whilst status close to the Ingenious Hub Rift whilst disguised as a prop.

UI + Social[edit]

  • Added descriptions to Forget about Workforce for Harm and Forget about Workforce for Proximity choices at the Explosive Tool to explain how they impact group association for HUD functions.

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Spawns Left will show appropriately on scoreboard.
  • Mounted “Choice of Hiders” Prop Hunt UI appearing up out of doors of video games.
  • Mounted typo in ‘Permit Pieces to be Dropped’ environment in Recreation Settings tab.
  • Mounted textual content error in Calls for Line of Sight descriptions in Beacon Tool and Explosive Tool.
  • The Edit Software will appropriately spotlight Arctic Base portions.
  • The Typhoon Controller Tool is now not lacking a blueprint preview when gamers hover over it with the Telephone.
  • Directions on the right way to “Alternate Vacation spot” on Rift Waypoint will probably be displayed.

What is New?[edit]

Fortnite’s 2d Birthday

Have a good time two years of Fortnite with Birthday-themed Quests and a Hero!

Birthday Llama

Open a Birthday Llama crammed to the brim with Heroes and guns from the previous 12 months of Fortnite occasions!

Missions + Programs[edit]

  • Quests, missions signals, and day by day login rewards will now grant X-Ray Tickets as a substitute of V-Greenbacks to gamers who’re non founders. Paid Founders may not be suffering from this variation.
  • Have a good time Fortnite’s 2d birthday with those candy Birthday Quests:
    • Earn the brand new Birthday Brigade Jonesy Hero via finishing a quest to do away with Cake Sploders in a hit missions. Watch out to steer clear of their exploding pastries!
    • Earn Summer season Tickets via accumulating delicious-looking birthday truffles in a hit missions. This quest is repeatable, so consume up!
  • Hero Loadouts were added as rewards for finishing Typhoon Defend Protection 10 in Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley, and Wire Peaks.

Be aware: We teased a function that is coming over the process Season 10 Have a look!

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Time Cheats will now spawn extra reliably in Wargames.
  • Traps now not visually persist after their sturdiness runs out in Wargames.
    • Unhealthy traps will probably be cleared each time the Typhoon Defend is entered.
  • Sound now appropriately performs when status close to the brink of a Typhoon Defend.
  • Acid Swimming pools now show appropriately when the Acid Pool Mutator is lively.
  • The Hexed statues within the Hexed Wargames Simulation now not come out of visibility.
  • The Match popup menu within the quest tab now scales correctly for all resolutions.

Trojan horse Fixes and Changes

  • Garage within the Armory now displays five pieces in line with line once more as a substitute of three.
  • The ‘Equip’ button will now show correctly at the Backpack display if the use of hotkeys to switch out guns.
  • The stock display was once appearing the improper merchandise main points in some eventualities.
  • Textual content was once flickering within the hurricane protect menu in some languages.
  • Grow to be keys now show appropriately if gamers have 1000+ keys.
  • Mounted a subject when analyzing an X-Ray Llama to turn the proper choices.
  • Wargame Simulation and Problem bins now have scrolling sounds when deciding on them whilst the use of a controller.
  • Wrong textual content rewards would show if the skip button was once pressed after leveling up at the Victory Display.
  • The commander xp display throughout the venture rewards cycle now correctly shows banners on console.
  • Analyzing foreign money earned from Llamas will now display the quantity of foreign money won as a substitute of the entire quantity of foreign money owned.
  • Project Rewards checklist arrows weren’t updating in an instant, main to a few circumstances the place it was once appearing at irrelevant occasions.
  • Got rid of an additional recommended from some notifications similar to pal requests won in zone.
  • The highest of the scroll bar within the Llama praise display is now draggable.


  • Stepped forward efficiency of the in-game venture purpose UI.
  • Stepped forward efficiency when converting tabs within the Schematic menu.

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Got rid of some hitches that have been happening throughout educational dialogs.
  • Got rid of a hitch whilst going into the Save the International map for the primary time.
  • We now have added a brand new birthday-themed Hero!
    • Birthday Brigade Jonesy is all about survival and cake sprinkles. He turns out to actually revel in sprinkles.
    • Same old Perk: Survivalist
      • Eliminations heal you for 39 base Well being over three seconds. Period refreshes with further eliminations.
    • Commander Perk: Survivalist+
      • Eliminations heal you for 117 base Well being over three seconds. Period refreshes with further eliminations.
    • Earn Birthday Brigade Jonesy via finishing the brand new Sploding Husks quest.
  • Eight-Bit Demo returns to the Match Retailer!
    • Same old Perk: Enduring System
      • After skill forged, guns lose 40% much less Sturdiness for the following 2 makes use of.
    • Commander Perk: Enduring System+
      • After skill forged, guns lose 40% much less Sturdiness for the following 6 makes use of.
    • To be had within the Match Retailer beginning July 17 at Eight PM Japanese Time.
  • Fossil Southie is now eligible for an merchandise reset.
    • That is because of the problem in v9.30 which led to the Saurian Center of attention perk to grant the similar bonus because the Commander Perk even if slotted in a non-Commander Slot.

Trojan horse Fixes

  • The Hero Perks Mad Tidings and Get started Up weren’t correctly resetting upon weapon overheat.
  • The Hero Perk Enduring System was once now not operating appropriately for melee guns.
  • Commander Perks Cascade and Fan of Stars now paintings appropriately.
  • Fireplace sound results persevered after the use of Dragon Slash whilst the use of the Fireplace of the Dragon Hero Perk.
  • The Fourth of July heroes will also be retired and now soak up stock area.

Guns + Pieces[edit]

  • Ruin 2d 12 months Birthday Llamas to have a good time a 12 months value of loot!
    • The brand new 2d 12 months Birthday Llama is to be had within the Loot tab of the Save the International Retailer for 1000 summer time tickets.
    • The Birthday Llama is filled with the best hitsof Heroes and guns from the 2d 12 months of Fortnite occasions!
    • Every Llama comprises a minimum of one weapon and one Hero with a minimum of a kind of two being a Mythical or Mythic variant.
    • To be had for 2 weeks, beginning July 16 and finishing on August 1.
      • Summer season Tickets may not be transformed to Birthday Llamas after the Season ends. Any last tickets will probably be transformed into Sci-fi Llamas.

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Upgrading the Gammatron 9000 from epic to mythical rarity now works appropriately.
  • Defenders now shoot the Growth Bow at the proper hearth fee.
  • Lowered the Growth Bow’s displayed hearth fee so as to right kind the DPS quantity proven within the UI.
    • This won’t impact the true hearth fee of the Growth Bow.
  • The Campfire entice now appropriately heals any within reach broken Defenders.
  • Mounted a subject with traps in Typhoon Shields now not making use of their well being and therapeutic perks.
  • Mounted elemental alterations now not appearing appropriately for the next weapon units:
    • Flintlock
    • Medieval
    • Army
    • RatRod
    • Scavenger
    • Steampunk
  • The banner device now not completely colours constructions blue.


  • Corrected a subject with sploder propane tanks rotating backward and forward whilst bouncing.

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Defenders will now correctly go back the guns they use as soon as a venture is done.
  • Permit entice biking when B.A.S.E. is provided.
  • Husks stay illuminatefter being frozen.
  • Avid gamers must now not seem within the DBNO state throughout the Victory Display.

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Mounted wording for the “Visualize Sound Results” hover textual content within the settings display.

Trojan horse Fixes

  • Textual content wrapping on multi-line chat messages is mounted.

Recognized Problems[edit]

  • In need of to trace the highest group problems? Head over to our Fortnite | Group Problems Trello board right here.

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