Former MLB players, coaches have mixed feeling toward Mike Fiers, the whistleblower on the Astros cheating scandal

TEMPE, Ariz. — The sentiment through former gamers, coaches and executives possibly isn’t shared through the present rank and record, however they’re extra outraged and annoyed through Oakland Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers – the famous whistleblower since Jose Canseco –than the actual exposure of the Houston Astros’ actual cheating scam.

The Astros’ scandal using electronic equipment may have shaken the baseball world, but it barely created a ripple among former players, managers, coaches and executives gathered Friday at Major League Baseball’s Dream Series in Tempe.

They said cheating has always been a part of the game, and that most everybody, including Major League Baseball, was content to look the other way.

“I played in the steroid era, I wasn’t complaining what some of those guys were doing,’’ said LaTroy Hawkins, a 21-year veteran who is a special assistant with the Minnesota Twins. “Why are so many people upset? I look at it this way, everybody is trying to do something to gain an advantage. They had the opportunity to use technology. They did. And got caught.

Mike Fiers pitched for the Astros from 2015-17.

“Did they take it too far? Sure. People lost their jobs. Some people might have lost their careers. Major League Baseball did a good job sending a message to the rest of the league that it would not be tolerated. They dropped the hammer.’’

Who knows how much longer it would have gone on without Fiers speaking publicly to The Athletic and to MLB investigators, exposing the Astros’ cheating technology?

Yet, instead of being a hero, there are those who believe he violated the clubhouse code.

“I wish Fiers would have done it when he was on the Astros and not when he left,’’ Hawkins told USA TODAY Sports. “That would have more integrity. You win a World Series with them, go away and now you talk about it? If you had integrity, why didn’t you talk about it while it happened?

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