Fallen Order: The Tomb of Miktrull Puzzle Solution

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Puzzle Areas in Superstar Wars Jedi: Fallen Order are rooms that you wish to have to unravel a puzzle to flee from. The Tomb of Miktrull Puzzle House isn’t not obligatory. We will information you via it with our Jedi: Fallen Order Tomb of Miktrull Puzzle House information.

Fallen Order Tomb of Miktrull Puzzle House Walkthrough[edit]

This Puzzle House shall be a lot more straightforward to flee than the Tomb of Eilram Puzzle House. On the other hand, whilst navigating the world take a look at to ensure to not drop to the bottom space; it is a bit of a stroll again up in case you fall.

On this primary space, you can be sticking to the central degree to unravel this puzzle. You’ll be able to see a spindle, which you’ll now have interaction with with the Power Pull skill, clutch the plug on the finish of the spindle and pull it to the within reach platform to plug it in.

The spindle will lift the huge bulb ball is trapped inside, however extra importantly pulling at the chain will expose that the chain is held in combination simplest through some vines.

Vines will also be burned, and breaking the chain can ship the bulb flying right down to the bottom flooring. Fortunately, the wall at once at the back of Cal has a number of candles that may be pulled out for use to burn the vines.

On the other hand, the world close to the vines is being suffering from water falling in from the ceiling. The water will put out the candle sooner than you’ll hit the vines, and you’ll bounce whilst the use of Pull to carry the candle.

Ahead of grabbing the candle, head again to the opposite segment of the central degree. Turn on the magnet that you just used to drag the block out of the bottom previous, and stay it activated.


Now, head again and Pull a candle out of the wall. Stroll close to the distance and Push the candle in opposition to the field–since the candle has a steel casing, it is going to leisure in opposition to the wall.

Soar down, Pull the candle right down to you, stroll over close to the vines, and Push it over. The chain will ruin and ship the bulb crashing down, freeing the ball from its jail. Push it in opposition to the outlet, and the Puzzle House is whole.

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