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Eyes-on: Nvidia's RTX demo shows the eye-popping potential of real-time ray tracing

In relation to gaming, real-time ray tracing has been the proverbial Holy Grail for many years. The generation mimics how lights works in the actual global. Gadgets are illuminated via 3-D mild resources, with rays bouncing round sooner than attaining your eyes (learn: the digicam). Ray tracing is what makes CG films glance so reasonable, however the computing energy required to generate ray tracing in real-time has in large part averted the generation from taking root in PC video games.

Not more.

Graphics playing cards and processors are staggeringly extra robust (and environment friendly) than yesteryear’s , and close-to-the-metal APIs we could builders faucet into them extra immediately. At GDC in March, Microsoft introduced a “DirectX Raytracing” (DXR) characteristic for Home windows 10’s DirectX 12 graphics API. At E3 2018, Nvidia confirmed off the ability of the “RTX” generation coming in next-gen GeForce graphics playing cards so they can procedure real-time ray tracing significantly better than as of late’s GPUs do.

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In short: The Remedy-made demo looked stunning. You could toggle ray tracing on or off. The improvement in visual quality is significant with it active, as you can see in the video above. But the hardware required to run the eye-popping demo is just as significant: Our station ran on four Tesla V100 GPUs built around Nvidia’s latest and greatest Volta architecture, and the frame rate still took a noticeable dip when you toggled on ray tracing. Don’t let that discourage you, though. This is an exciting glimpse of the future of games—though nobody in the industry is willing to bet on how far off that future really is quite yet.

For a much deeper look at the graphics technology (and what hardware you’ll need to take advantage of it), check out our coverage of DirectX Raytracing from GDC.


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