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Elon Musk is playing superhero again. This time with the California wildfires.

As California’s fatal wildfires rage on, none as opposed to billionaire SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk has come forth to provide assist as soon as once more.

Simply after middle of the night (ET) on Saturday morning, Musk took to Twitter (the place else?) to provide assist from his electrical car corporate Tesla, which is primarily based within the state.

“If Tesla can assist other people in California wildfire, please tell us,” he tweeted. “Fashion S & X have sanatorium grade HEPA filters. Possibly useful for transporting other people.”

He additionally reportedly despatched out an e mail to Tesla staff giving them permission to lend a hand by any means they might, and for them to “now not fear about cost” in step with the memo got via Electrek. 

“If there’s any manner for Tesla to be useful, please supply help and don’t fear about cost,” Musks e mail reportedly stated.

This would not be the primary time Musk has volunteered his or his corporations’ services and products to assist a crisis. 

In 2017, on Musk’s orders, Tesla shipped its Powerpack and Powerwall batteries to hospitals ravaged via Typhoon Maria. Then in the summertime of 2018, Musk tried to assist with efforts to rescue the Thai football group that was once trapped in a cave for 17 days.

He controversially insisted on development a kid-sized “submarine” and sending it to Thailand to move them throughout the treacherous tunnels. Whilst Musk most probably had excellent intentions, his be offering ended up being extra interference that may land him in sizzling water with British cave diver Vern Unsworth, who did assist rescue the trapped group, and whom he again and again accused of being a pedophile. 

Bizarrely, after first of all apologizing to Unsworth, Musk backpedaled and doubled down at the unsubstantiated declare after immaturely goading the cave diver into suing him, which is taking place.

The query going through Musk is has he truly modified his music? Can he and Tesla truly supply precise assist with out interfering with the government? Or is that this but any other advertising ploy to shout out Tesla veiled as an be offering of assist? 

After the episode in Thailand over the summer season, some suppose that Musk’s reputedly always-buzzing noggin is simply savvily profiting from any other unlucky state of affairs.

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