A short lived clarification of the Jewish vacation Yom Kippur’s historical past.


Yom Kippur, which is seen from sunset Sunday to sunset Monday, is thought of as the holiest day of the 12 months in Judaism. It’s a excessive vacation that follows Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Yr.

But it surely’s no longer precisely a “glad” vacation. So don’t inform somebody “Glad Yom Kippur.”

“This isn’t an afternoon of raucousness and partying,” says Becky Zobelman-Stern, the manager program officer on the Jewish Federation of Larger Los Angeles. “Yom Kippur isn’t about being glad. It’s about considering. It’s about self exam.”

Yom Kippur interprets from Hebrew to English as Day of Atonement. Historically, Jews spend the vacation fasting and reflecting on sins dedicated over the last 12 months.

Even though you’re no longer Jewish, you’ll be able to recognize the vacation, and it’s certainly respectful to proportion smartly needs in your buddies and associates who do practice. 

So, what must you assert or write? There are some choices.

Hebrew greeting for the ones celebrating Yom Kippur that reads “G’mar Chatima Tova.” (Picture: Teresa Lo)

The standard Yom Kippur greeting

“G’mar chatima tova” is the standard greeting on Yom Kippur. In English, it way “Might you be sealed within the Ebook of Existence.” 

Consistent with Jewish custom, one’s destiny is determined on Rosh Hashanah and sealed on Yom Kippur.

“Our lives are within the stability between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur relying on how we act,” says Rabbi Andrea London of Beth Emet synagogue in Evanston, Illinois.

“The absolutely righteous are inscribed (within the Ebook of Existence) for the 12 months, the wholly evil aren’t inscribed and the remainder of us want to paintings to make amends and ensure we’ve got extra excellent deeds than unhealthy, if we wish to be sealed for every other 12 months of existence,” she provides.

Rabbi Sarah Krinsky of Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, DC, says  “no longer many moderns dangle this literal theology.” She’s amongst them,  however that does not prevent her from sending the message “g’mar chatima tova” for Yom Kippur.

Of observe: The “ch” sound in “chatima” isn’t pronounced just like the English phrase “chat.” As an alternative, it must sound extra like guttural utterance from the throat, like a backwards snore, as it comes from the Hebrew letter Chet. “G’mar hatima tov” could also be appropriate to mention.

A easy Yom Kippur greeting

“Have a very simple rapid” would possibly sound like an extraordinary factor to mention, however it is “very a lot liked,” says Zobelman-Stern.

“That’s what the vacation is all about: Disposing of all pleasing issues for the day so you’ll be able to repent and take account of your self,” she says.

You’ll additionally want somebody a significant rapid. Historically, individuals who practice Yom Kippur neither consume nor drink for 25 hours, except kids and the ones for whom fasting is bad. As soon as the duration of fasting ends, it is time to wreck the quick with breakfast meals akin to bagels and eggs dishes.

Yom Kippur greeting that works thru October

“L’shana tova” or “shana tova,” this means that “have a excellent 12 months,” is a right kind greeting at the Jewish New Yr and likewise becoming to mention on Yom Kippur and in the course of the vacation Sukkot, which fits from Oct. 2 to Oct. nine.

It’s possible you’ll understand that the phrases “tova” and “chatima” are from time to time written “tovah” and “chatimah.” The ones spellings with H’s, which might be English transliterations of the Hebrew phrases, also are proper and take account of the Hebrew letter Hei, which will have an H sound or be silent on the finish of Hebrew phrases.

Make sure to message on the proper time

Orthodox Jews and plenty of different observers of Yom Kippur keep away from the usage of generation all the way through the vacation. So if you wish to proportion a message or make a telephone name that’s responded forward of the day of fasting, ship it earlier than Sunday night or after sunset Monday, after the quick has been damaged.


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