Days Gone vs The Last of Us Part II: Which Is Drumming Up The Most Excitement Among Gamers?

ArchangelMike13h in the past(Edited 13h in the past)

It isn’t a balanced comparability, particularly as Days Long gone releases in per week, however we do not also have a unlock date for TLOU2, so naturally there shall be a lot more web site visitors surrounding Days Long gone as previews and impressions are out within the wild. Additionally Days Long gone is an untrsted new IP that due to this fact does now not have a longtime fan base. Whilst TLOU2 is a longtime blockbuster IP that has a large and passionate fanbase.

Alternatively, the 2 video games are No longer in pageant with each and every different – so forestall looking to make it a combat, and prevent perpetuating the false narrative that folks are not excited for Days Long gone, it is simply now not true. But even so, lovers of TLOU are much more likely to get Days Long gone, and vice versa.

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