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But hey, she sure interviewed well!

Challenge supervisor and IT director interview this contract programmer, and in keeping with the contract store’s advice and a temporary technical interview she’s employed, reviews a pilot fish at the scene.

“She interviewed neatly, however sadly that is the place her abilities in large part ended,” fish says.

“Elementary abilities required for this process have been C, SQL and Oracle’s PL/SQL and Professional*C — that is like C with embedded SQL. After suffering for a couple of days on her first task, she requested me, ‘How do you open a document in C?'”

Fish fingers her his reproduction of The C Programming Language and tells her to seem up the fopen() serve as.

However he is a bit of stricken through the query. Finally, he thinks, any C programmer with greater than a pair hours’ revel in will have to understand how to open and shut recordsdata, proper?

After a couple of extra days of fight, the contractor approaches any other feminine programmer — person who’s extraordinarily competent — and asks her to put in writing this system for her, since they are each ladies programmers.

“The competent programmer declined to do the contract programmer’s paintings for her,” says fish. “Then she informed the venture supervisor about it, mentioning that it used to be glaring the brand new rent did not know the very first thing about C programming.”

PM calls within the contract programmer and asks her if she thinks she may just be informed C over the following few days and stand up to hurry. Contractor tells him no, she does not suppose so.

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