A real light bulb moment

It’s the mid ’70s this pilot fish is working on IBM 370s for a monetary clearinghouse in London, the place Just right Friday and Easter Monday are financial institution vacations. The programs use a CICS machine logging to 3420 tape drives, those with the dual vacuum chambers, and when one power at the backup machine refuses to load tapes, Fish volunteers to come back in with the engineers on Just right Friday to paintings on it.

Fish has all of it discovered: He’ll get some excellent time beyond regulation running on a very easy repair, and he’ll nonetheless get a three-day weekend.

However comes the Monday vacation, and fish and co-workers are nonetheless running on that simple repair. They’ve changed as regards to each and every section, a few of which needed to be flown in particularly. In any case, one of the crucial engineers has a vivid concept. He replaces the sunshine bulb that powers the fiber-optic sensor to select up the metal BoT (starting of tape) marker. Downside solved.

Turns out the bulb was once hanging out mild, however now not sufficient for the sensor to select up the mirrored image and cargo the tape.

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