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Even savvy advertising and marketing other people every so often misunderstand the way to use video games correctly to perform their industry targets. We made an inventory of the 50 greatest errors companies make when commissioning or construction an advergame. 

This can be a condensed model of the unique article. The unique offers a bit of extra rationalization and comprises 3 useful resource hyperlinks for each and every tip.

In case you are a developer studying this, maximum of this will probably be outdated hat to you, particularly when you have made advergames your self.   

Trade Targets

Mistake: Considering temporary

Video games are extra advanced and dear than different media to supply. Subsequently, the use of video games for brief time period targets is a waste of cash. Video games can carry out over longer classes, and a hit titles may also be expanded with extra content material. 

Mistake: Going for conflicting industry targets

It’s conceivable for an advergame to have multiple industry objective, but when targets paintings in opposition to each and every different, the sport will probably be much less efficient in undertaking any of them. If you wish to elevate emblem consciousness, you need as many avid gamers as conceivable. If you wish to acquire data, some customers won’t have interaction; those targets are in struggle and must no longer be the aim of the similar sport.

Mistake: The use of an advergame whilst you should not have enough channels to succeed in the specified target audience

In case you add your sport to a shop and be expecting hundreds of other people to play it, you’re surroundings your undertaking up for failure. With out an enormous advertising and marketing funds, however you wish to have a enough choice of channels to succeed in your audience, to inform them about your sport and the place to seek out it. 

Sport Design

Mistake: Ignoring the joys

Use your sport to thrill your consumers; no longer simply to advertise your merchandise and emblem. Via making the sport amusing (and offering genuine worth to avid gamers), you’ll be able to create a good affiliation together with your emblem. If the sport isn’t amusing, no-one will play it. 

Mistake: The use of your personal sport concepts 

It’s not going that your concept is authentic, helps the industry targets and emblem values, and works as a cohesive leisure product. Get the mavens in. 

Mistake: The use of a simple media corporate to construct the sport

Even if video games percentage some facets with different media equivalent to video, conventional media homes don’t seem to be excellent at making video games. There are a number of causes; in brief: they’re susceptible to lots of the errors in this record. Don’t do it.

Mistake: Now not the use of your buyer perception to tell sport design

When designing a sport on your target audience, a very powerful asset is your wisdom about them. Get ready as a lot of this information as conceivable for the sport design group. The similar background that is going into your different advertising and marketing actions should additionally form the sport; another way, it is going to leave out the mark. 

Mistake: Now not prototyping

Probably the most sure-fire method to arrive at a amusing sport is to observe an iterative procedure and take a look at the sport often with precise avid gamers. Shape a beta crew, and get them to check the sport ahead of you unlock it to most of the people. 

Mistake: Blindly cloning standard titles

Cloning present standard titles has some benefits, however there’s a problem:

  • The advergame will steadily examine poorly with the unique (particularly when it’s been made on a decrease funds).

  • The sport could also be ill-suited in your emblem or industry targets. 

  • Fashionable video games get cloned al lot, and your sport will probably be perceived as a “me too” product.   

  • Refined players would possibly frown in your makes an attempt to capitalize at the luck of others’ creativity.

Mistake: Now not the use of KPIs to measure the luck of the marketing campaign to succeed in the industry objective

Along with industry KPIs, you wish to have to have a look at sport KPIs to observe the well being of the sport. You don’t seem to be going to reach your enterprise targets in case your sport does no longer carry out neatly as a sport. Tracking those will let you adapt and enhance, which can in the long run additionally have an effect on your enterprise KPIs.

Mistake: Charging for content material

Companies every so often attempt to offset the price of growing an advergame by way of charging for it or further content material. Monetizing video games is a industry other from yours; attempting to try this whilst seeking to advertise your major industry reduces the probabilities of your advergame being efficient. 

Mistake: Seeking to monetize your advergame via promoting

This can be a bit like creating a TV advert and charging different firms to have their billboard displayed within the advert. It does no longer make sense. But even so that, the secondary advertisements will annoy avid gamers and cut back the common consultation period and retention of your sport.

Mistake: Making avid gamers join ahead of permitting them to play

In a single undertaking we did, part the avid gamers that entered the sport exited the sport as a substitute of transferring during the signup shape. You chance shedding a large number of avid gamers by way of making them join first (and steadily those who do join supply false information).

Mistake: Asking for more info than you completely want

Ask the minimal data you wish to have to offer the participant the most productive revel in. The fewer information you ask, the fewer friction there may be for customers to play the sport, the fewer sexy your sport is for hackers, and the less hoops it’s a must to bounce via for GDPR.

Mistake: Seeking to get avid gamers to percentage issues that don’t cause them to glance cool

If you need avid gamers to percentage sport content material, be certain it’s the coolest factor of their feed. Stay branding mild and related. The content material must be distinctive and entertaining, and make allowance the participant to gloat. It must have prime manufacturing high quality.

Mistake: Now not the use of digital rewards

Bodily rewards are nice that will help you get forward consistent with all of the different issues that hobby other people. However you might be lacking out on a chance if one of the most rewards don’t seem to be digital. 

Digital rewards handiest paintings in case your sport is cool sufficient.

Mistake: Now not making it conceivable to mute sound and tune

There are 3 explanation why avid gamers would possibly wish to mute sound or tune:

In the event that they can not transfer off the sound or tune, they are going to prevent enjoying altogether.


Mistake: Opting for a sport style, a theme or mechanics that conflicts together with your emblem values. 

If you need a non-violent sport, don’t make a first-person shooter. In case you don’t need your merchandise sliced up, don’t make a Fruit Ninja clone. Manufacturers are particularly susceptible to fall into this entice after they come to a decision to clone an present standard identify with out taking into consideration the results. 

The primary mistake results in the second one: doing away with a very powerful mechanic from a sport to proper the incongruity. Fruit Ninja with out chopping issues up isn’t amusing. 

Mistake: Opting for a sport style, a theme or mechanics that conflicts with your enterprise objective

As an example: if your enterprise objective is to keep up a correspondence your emblem’s values, a on line casino slots sport may not be efficient, even if it can be very efficient for different industry targets.  

Mistake: The use of textual content throughout the sport to coach consumers

Other people don’t learn within video games (or different apps). Video games are for enjoying, no longer studying. Display what you need to inform avid gamers via sport design and mechanics. 

Mistake: Depending on bodily rewards an excessive amount of

If you wish to use rewards with the sport, perceive the function they play. The sport must be amusing sufficient to play with no need to bribe avid gamers to do it. Rewards can not make up for dangerous sport design.

Mistake: Making the improper sport on your audience

Make a choice a sport kind this is standard together with your audience. Past demographics, enchantment to a not unusual of your audience. Sports activities video games are a excellent have compatibility for sports wear; racing video games for automobiles; and so forth.

Mistake: Now not figuring out the professionals and cons of embedded as opposed to standalone video games

Video games embedded on your apps are a good way to extend app retention, engagement, and sure opinions within the App Retailer or Play Retailer. However embedded video games have many obstacles, and for some industry targets, standalone video games would possibly make extra sense. 

Mistake: Now not including selection through the years

Other people get uninterested in the rest sooner or later. Blending up content material or even the rewards you employ is a simple method to lengthen the life of the sport and construct a faithful fanbase. 

Mistake: Making peripheral options too essential

Be stingy in the case of peripheral options: sharing, recording, leaderboards, achievements. I’m really not announcing you must overlook them, however they must toughen the sport, no longer overshadow it of their complexity and manufacturing worth. 

Mistake: False impression the platform tradeoff

There were advergames that had been very a hit on each and every platform. The issue is whilst you attempt to make a console-level identify within the browser or attempt to use a flash sport funds to make a AAA identify. The end result will generally be deficient, and you’ll waste some huge cash. 

Mistake: Now not imposing a leaderboard

Leaderboards are a fairly easy function to put into effect and supply a large number of worth to avid gamers. You must come with other leaderboards measuring various things.

Mistake: Now not speaking sport laws obviously

If avid gamers misunderstand how the sport works, they’re going to assume the sport is buggy (or worse, that you’re seeking to trick them). Via speaking obviously how your sport works, you’ll be able to steer clear of those misconceptions.

Mistake: Now not enjoying the sport

You’re most probably no longer the objective target audience for the sport. On the other hand, you can’t in point of fact know how it really works from taking a look at how other folks play. In case you don’t play the sport, you’ll center of attention on issues you’ll be able to see or listen, as a substitute of the emotions and ideas you have got as you navigate the sport international. 

Mistake: Creating a sport too advanced for the era or your funds

A laugh isn’t proportional to complexity. Stay it easy, and spend to funds to ensure the sport design is slick, the artwork beautiful and the tune catchy. Technically complicated advergames have their position, however they just have an opportunity to prevail should you spend sufficient cash.  

Mistake: Creating a mini-game within a sport

This is a not unusual false impression that this may increasingly make a sport extra amusing. It received’t; it is going to build up the price and annoy the participant.

Mistake: Comparing the joys of a sport in manufacturing in response to your judgment of the options

The proper method to pass judgement on whether or not a function is amusing or no longer is to look at the faces of avid gamers out of your audience. (That is true till you have got sufficient avid gamers in order that analytics kick in and you’ll be able to make additional choices in response to information.)


Mistake: Now not stylizing your emblem components to suit the sport

In case your sport is a stylized 2D drawing taste, then your emblems and merchandise want to be stylized 2D drawings. If this is going totally in opposition to your emblem laws, it’s higher to persist with an artwork taste that doesn’t require stylizing the emblem or merchandise.

If Coca-cola can do it, so are you able to.

Mistake: Now not ensuring the sport works neatly technically

Era is branding. In case your sport is glitchy, it impacts your emblem negatively. That still is going for any era that surrounds the sport, equivalent to a internet web site or app used for redeeming rewards. 

Mistake: Now not spending sufficient on artwork

The sport extends your branding; if it appears to be like cheesy, so will your emblem. 

But even so this, avid gamers are much more likely to percentage screenshots when the artwork appears to be like nice. 

Mistake: Now not spending sufficient on tune and sound

As a result of tune within a sport performs on a loop, it is likely one of the issues that the majority simply aggravate avid gamers. Sound results may also be much more grating. 

Mistake: Don’t overuse your emblem

Purpose for construction worlds that radiate your emblem with out your emblem wanted all over the place. Use different design components out of your company identification, and use your emblem sparingly. This may lend a hand stay the participant immersed within the emblem universe. 


Mistake: Now not advertising and marketing the sport sufficiently. 

If the sport is first rate, chances are you’ll simply change into your hottest advertising and marketing content material. To maximise the choice of other people uncovered to it, you wish to have to put it on the market:

  • Make it the hero symbol on your house web page.

  • Announce the sport with a brief video-clip appearing gameplay on social media. 

  • Touch streamers.

  • Use non-digital channels: in-store posters, packaging, revealed promoting.  

Mistake: Overhyping the sport

You’re going to appear to be a idiot should you fake your sport is healthier than it’s. On your advertising and marketing, be measured. And don’t fear, your sport wishes to not be the most productive sport to do neatly. A sport this is amusing and tied in together with your emblem in considerate tactics, can outperform leisure video games when promoted neatly. 

Mistake: Opting for a deficient title

Like several names, the title of your advergame must be:


Mistake: Now not having a mechanism in position to award avid gamers with credit manually

Issues move improper, and after they do, you need to be ready to proper. If a participant loses credit (most likely by way of a computer virus), restoring the misplaced credit is a straightforward method to stay them enjoying and save you an uncongenial assessment.

Mistake: Now not the use of your sport as an extra advertising and marketing channel

As soon as a participant is attractive together with your sport, you’ll be able to use it to keep up a correspondence with the participant and the sport generally is a nice automobile to ship information and promotions.  Push notifications or an in-game conversation or newsfeed are the standard methods. However watch out — be certain it’s related and with permission. In case you abuse it the participant will merely uninstall the sport. 

Mistake: Now not doing A/B checking out to optimize the sport as soon as it’s reside

You’ll be able to enhance the efficiency of the sport by way of doing assessments as soon as the sport is reside. You must additionally A/B take a look at adjustments to the sport all through the marketing campaign, to make sure that you don’t hurt the sport’s efficiency or introduce insects that have an effect on conversion. 

Mistake: Now not striking a machine for a neighborhood in position

Video games which might be supported by way of robust communities reside longer; they draw in extra avid gamers since present neighborhood contributors will probably be advocates for the sport. Make it simple for avid gamers to get in combination, after which arrange it. In case you don’t, the neighborhood would possibly get out of hand and harm your emblem.

Mistake: Now not offering a comments mechanism

You’re going to measure the luck of your marketing campaign with no matter related KPIs you recognized. On the other hand, KPIs display just a partial image. Requesting uncooked comments from inside the sport will provide you with a chance to be informed a lot more. 

Mistake: Now not making plans for supporting the sport

Issues can move improper. When it does, you’ll have a group able to leap in and sort things once conceivable. You additionally want to reply to buyer questions or put into effect adjustments in response to their habits. 

Mistake: Now not considering of dishonest

Some avid gamers will cheat and wreck the joys for all of the different avid gamers. Dishonest reduces the stakes and renders leaderboards and achievements meaningless. You wish to have a machine to come across the obvious types of dishonest, and some way to reply to dishonest and perceived dishonest.

Mistake: Now not considering of fraud

That is dishonest with the aim of having bodily rewards. Along with all of the issues of dishonest said above, this if truth be told impacts your final analysis and the effectiveness of the sport marketing campaign. The movements you are taking want to be regarded as sparsely to steadiness loss in opposition to your emblem symbol. 

Mistake: Now not taking into consideration the downsides of user-generated content material

The place other people can kind, anyone will put a filthy phrase; the place they are able to construct one thing, anyone will construct one thing vulgar. Take into accounts the place the road lies between applicable and unacceptable content material, and the way you’ll come across and care for undesirable content material.  

Mistake: Now not imposing appropriate analytics and comments mechanisms

Analytics indicate bother spots within the conversion funnel. Why are other people no longer signing up for the e-newsletter throughout the sport? Are they no longer achieving that web page? Or do they give up the extent ahead of they end it? The tips can also be helpful for the sport design group to regulate the sport and enhance participant engagement and retention. 

Mistake: Now not speaking sport adjustments obviously

Avid gamers love new content material, however they despise present options converting (particularly when there are real-life rewards concerned). Subsequently, adjustments to the foundations of the sport must be have shyed away from. On the other hand, when you can’t, you wish to have to make what is going on glaring to avid gamers, or you’ll face a large number of unfavorable backlash from them. 

Mistake: Now not making plans for retiring and keeping the sport

Video games are more difficult to keep than different media, and in consequence, many advergames made even a couple of years in the past don’t seem to be playable as of late. Via fascinated about the destiny of your sport when the marketing campaign ends, you’ll be able to save you this destiny from befalling your sport.


Advergames, when made and used proper, will have impressive effects. Steer clear of the errors indexed right here to offer your self the most productive probability of luck.

Did we leave out any? Please let me know within the feedback.


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