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Bitcoin’s Strong 2020 Could Bring A Bumpy 2021

2020 used to be unforgettable, particularly for Bitcoin. To assist memorialize this yr for our readers, we requested our community of members to replicate on Bitcoin’s worth motion, technological building, neighborhood enlargement and extra in 2020, and to replicate on what all of this would possibly imply for 2021. Those writers replied with a number of considerate and thought-provoking articles. Click on right here to learn the entire tales from our Finish Of Yr 2020 Collection.

What a yr.

Bitcoiners started 2020 in a hopeful temper. After a quiet two-year undergo marketplace, with flat worth motion however notable technical developments at the Lightning Community and Taproot, we have been having a look ahead to “The Halvening” in Might. We was hoping that this tournament would act as a precursor to any other bull run amid a powerful international economic system that indicated we had not anything however just right instances forward. The rocket used to be fueled, when moon?

Alternatively, 2020 used to be a yr when nearly not anything went consistent with plan, with everybody’s lives disrupted by means of the surprising arrival of a brand new virus from China, coupled with hamfisted and economically devastating executive reactions to that virus because it briefly unfold international. We now come to the top of 2020 with a rising COVID-19 dying rely and a rising financial crisis looming at the horizon.

However in spite of the entire distress and trepidation, there may be explanation why for hope and religion that we will be able to get better and rebuild. There’s alternative amid the chaos.

That is just right for Bitcoin.

Born In Chaos, Grown In Chaos

Bitcoin isn’t any stranger to financial upheavals. It used to be born within the chaos of 2009, throughout the aftermath of the 2008 monetary disaster that served as such an inspiration to Satoshi Nakamoto that he immortalized it within the Bitcoin genesis block.

Supply: Screenshot from BTC-Explorer

2020 turns out destined to mark the break of day of any other monetary disaster. However this time, Bitcoin is able to carry out. Environment apart the really extensive well being and clinical affects of COVID-19, the comparable international monetary and financial chaos that used to be spun up in reaction has created a great hurricane for Bitcoin to thrive in:

  • A Bitcoin provide halving tournament in Might
  • COVID-19 monetary aid efforts and international fiat quantitative easing efforts, on steroids (cash printer move brrr…)
  • Virtual gold narrative taking dangle
  • Bodily money killed off (COVID-19 fears = touchless / bank cards / virtual bills handiest)

After which, for a cherry on best, we had what might turn out to be the 2020 identical of the well-known 2008 genesis block headline:

Moderately the headline, honored and immortalized by means of being mined into Bitcoin block #659,678:


This perfect storm of events seems to have caught the attention of big money. With a new wave of large institutional investors driven by a desire to protect their wealth in turbulent times, and realizing bitcoin had grown into a viable alternative to gold or bonds, bitcoin’s “store-of-value” narrative suddenly took center stage. 

One after another, each new public announcement of a traditional large investor buying bitcoin fueled this narrative, which in turn attracted more attention. As opposed to the 2016/’17 bull run, which was driven mostly by retail speculation, we now seem poised to embark on a new bull run fueled primarily by institutional investment.

Price speculation aside, bitcoin is evolving as money. As we look back on 2020, we may come to view it as the year when bitcoin truly began to be viewed more broadly as a store of value. Recall the theory of money’s evolution, which states that for something to become money, it moves through stages:

  1. Collectible
  2. Store of value
  3. Medium of exchange
  4. Unit of account

2020 brought us unprecedented levels of unwanted chaos. But the silver lining may be that it called more attention to the importance of sound money, which in turn may have just dramatically accelerated bitcoin’s evolution as money, moving it from “collectible” to “store of value” in the minds of institutional investors. 

As we end 2020 and enter 2021 with current downward economic health trends likely to continue, bitcoin stands poised to capture more and more of the world’s wealth as a true, global store-of-value asset. And the stronger bitcoin becomes as a store of value, the more likely it is to one day become a medium of exchange and then a unit of account.

Entering The Regulatory Climate

But it won’t be easy. With all of this increased attention from institutional investors comes the attention of government regulators. We need to be ready for a new wave of negative consequences arriving in the wake of Bitcoin’s increased visibility and acceptance as a store of value. The long-term future looks bright for Bitcoin, but the near-term road ahead looks like it might get bumpy.

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As big money investors and major institutions allocated to bitcoin in 2020, the asset became largely derisked for the future.As big money investors and major institutions allocated to bitcoin in 2020, the asset became largely derisked for the future.

Already we’re seeing increased interest from the state in the form of renewed calls for regulation, and in the U.S. there are fresh new rumors of increased KYC/AML requirements. Battle lines are forming…

And at a broader level, we’re already seeing musings from leaders in 

Canada about how best to control the savings of citizens, and in Argentina there are outright assaults on person wealth within the type of new taxes to pay for the industrial missteps of 2020. 

Canada and Argentina might turn out to be early warnings for different areas all over the world. 

Governments might love printing cash, however that doesn’t imply they received’t proceed to hunt to extract wealth from their voters by means of taxing them. 2021 guarantees to carry renewed hope within the type of COVID-19 vaccines, however the financial disruptions that started in 2020 might take a long way longer to settle.

All over all of it, Bitcoin will proceed to perform international, offering the sector with probably the most rock-solid financial coverage ever invented. An increasing number of other folks will flip to Bitcoin so that you can offer protection to and maintain their wealth. And I’m assured that on the finish of 2021, we’ll as soon as once more glance again and say “this used to be just right for Bitcoin.”

This can be a visitor submit by means of Brian Lockhart. Evaluations expressed are completely their very own and don’t essentially replicate the ones of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Mag.

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