Android 11: Getting started with gesture navigation

Android 11 makes a large number of adjustments all the way through the OS, together with some tweaks to device navigation. Beginning in Android 11, nearly all gadgets will default to Google’s new gesture navigation, which may take a bit of adjustment to your section. There are a couple of techniques you’ll be able to make navigation on Android 11 extra for your liking in only some faucets.

The fast-switch gesture

android 11 quick switch Ryan Whitwam/IDG

Android 11’s quick-switch gesture means that you can swipe briefly between apps with out going to the evaluation display.

A number of telephones have tutorials that train you the right way to use the brand new gesture nav device, however none of them get round to explaining the quick-switch gesture. This is likely one of the most valuable portions of Android’s gesture nav, permitting you to transport between apps immediately.

You’ll be able to at all times input the multitasking evaluation by means of swiping up and conserving, however you’ll be able to change to the last-used app just by swiping left to appropriate at the gesture deal with on the backside of the display.

Need to return? Swipe within the different path. You’ll be able to stay swiping in both path to head thru your contemporary apps in chronological order, and all with out going into evaluation.

Pass-back gesture

android 11 back sensitivity Ryan Whitwam/IDG

In Android 11, you’ll be able to at all times return.

Maximum of Google’s gesture nav is a carbon reproduction of the iPhone’s, however Apple does not have a again gesture. On Android, you’ll be able to return by means of swiping in from the left or appropriate fringe of the display. That gesture can from time to time intrude with swiping round in apps, however you’ll be able to make some changes.

Below your gesture settings (the positioning of which can range by means of instrument), Android provides sensitivity settings for the again gesture. If you are by accident triggering “again” too continuously, you’ll be able to drag the sensitivity slider towards Low. On some gadgets just like the Google Pixels, you get separate sliders for the left and appropriate edge, which can also be useful if you wish to have more straightforward get right of entry to to slide-out nav menus on one aspect of the display.

Put out of your mind gestures, go back to buttons

android 11 buttons Ryan Whitwam/IDG

You’ll be able to deliver again buttons in Android 11, simply delve into Settings to resurrect them.

Gesture navigation is not for everybody, and that’s the reason ok. You’ll be able to nonetheless return to the vintage three-button navigation paradigm. The positioning of this surroundings varies by means of instrument, however inventory Android places it below Settings > Device > Gestures > Device navigation. On Samsung telephones, it is on the backside of the show menu. Be mindful, going again to button navigation will use extra display actual property, and Google’s more recent multitasking UI does not mesh as effectively with buttons.

NavStar for Samsung telephones

android 11 navstar samsung Ryan Whitwam/IDG

Samsung’s Navstar app brings much more customization to its Android 11 pores and skin.

Samsung constantly sells extra telephones than different Android OEMs do, and its newest gadgets send with Android 11. Samsung has additionally up to date its GoodLock customization suite for Android 11, and one of the most modules on this well-liked app is named Navstar. If you have got a Samsung telephone, that is the easiest way to tweak device navigation.

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