A master of self-promotion: letters reveal how Philip Roth ‘hustled’ for prizes

Correspondence present in archives displays how ‘pushy’ novelist used ‘collusion, networking and back-scratching’ to win literary awards

As certainly one of The usa’s major novelists, Philip Roth was once awarded just about each literary accolade, together with a Pulitzer prize. It could be assumed that his paintings spoke for itself in securing those plaudits, however in the past unpublished letters divulge he was once, in truth, a grasp of self-promotion, networking and mutual back-scratching.

Professor Jacques Berlinerblau, who studied the correspondence whilst writing a guide about Roth, was once shocked by way of how pushy the writer was once and by way of his wheeler-dealing with pals and associates from the worlds of publishing, literary complaint and academia. “It’s one thing one would by no means get from studying his extremely autobiographical descriptions of the creator’s lonely lifestyles,” he stated.

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