Apex Legends: See All of Wraith's Skins

In this web page you can see almost about each Wraith beauty to be had in Apex Legends. Some Wraith cosmetics are simplest to be had as recolors that seem periodically within the Apex Legends retailer. Those which can be to be had via Apex Packs and are purchasable with Crafting Steel within the menu are indexed beneath through rarity

In search of details about Wraith’s Heirloom Set? Remember to discuss with the Bonus Heirloom Set web page to learn extra about your odds in getting the particular set.

Wraith has 4 Mythical skins, and it is assumed that every has another model that can be to be had within the Apex Legends Retailer every so often. You’ll craft those skins with 1,200 Crafting Steel or acquire them with Apex Cash if they are within the retailer

L TheLiborator.jpg L VengeanceSeeker.jpg
The Liberator Vengeance Seeker
L Quarenteen722.jpg L VoidSpecialist.jpg
Quarantine 722 Void Specialist

The Epic skins are craftable with 400 Crafting Steel. Wraith’s 5 Epic skins are all animated.

There are 16 Uncommon Wraith skins. Whilst almost about they all can also be crafted with 60 Crafting Steel, the Founder pores and skin can simplest be bought through buying the Founder Pack.

Wraith has 8 Not unusual skins, one in every of which is her default pores and skin. Those can also be crafted with 30 Crafting Steel.

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